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North Sea Passage Pilot. Лоция Северного моря

Артикул: 00455404
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Автор: Brian Navin
Издательство: Imray (все книги издательства)
Место издания: England
ISBN: 978-184623-960-1
Год: 2018
Переплет: Мягкий переплет
Страниц: 232
Вес: 894 г
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Издание на английском языке.
This is a cruising guide to passage making between the wide range of southern North Sea cruising grounds. Local coast and inland cruising guides which are available for most of these areas do not cover adequately the daunting prospect to the relative newcomer of a full day’s navigation across the world’s busiest shipping lanes, including some intricate inshore navigation at each end.
Weekend and long summer holiday cruising of the northern European coasts is becoming increasingly popular and interest in more enterprising cruising involving 20 to 150-mile nonstop passages to and from interesting new inland and estuary cruising grounds is reflected in the growing traffic across the southern North Sea by yachtsmen from all of the surrounding countries. This guide, together with a suitable set of charts and a nautical almanac, provides the essential information for these medium-distance trips, together with all the necessary departure and approach pilotage information for entering the eight major coastal areas and 32 harbours and havens in the region.

Section I. General
1. Introduction
How to use this book
Electronic position-fixing equipment
Requirements of skipper and crew
Requirements of the boat
Customs requirements
Other official requirements
Typical North Sea summer cruising
2. The southern North Sea
Traffic separation schemes and deep water routes
International Collision Regulations -avoiding action
Lights, IS
International Port Traffic Signals, IS Electronic navigation systems
Radio and coastguard stations
Tides, sandwaves and tidal surges
Tidal streams
Tidal diamonds, tidal atlases and extreme tidal streams
Tidal times and depths
Reduction to soundings using co-tidal charts
Weather, wind and fog,
3. Passage organising and planning
Weather forecasts, NAVTEX
Navigation lights
Safety equipment and safety measures
Remote control sail-handling equipment
Avoiding navigational error
GPS equipment
Automatic steering, radar
Tidal planning and the Traffic Separation Schemes
Lessons from an actual long-distance passage
Section II. Pilotage
4. Passages
Using the passage plans and descriptions
Dover & Ramsgate to Calais
Thames Estuary to Calais
Essex rivers to Calais
Harwich to Calais
Ramsgate to Dunkerque
Essex rivers & Harwich to Belgium and Westerschelde
Harwich to Westerschelde & Oosterschelde, via N Shipwash
Norfolk & Suffolk coast to Noord Holland
5. Norfolk & Suffolk coast from Cromer to Orfordness
Approach routes and tidal timing
The harbours
6. Suffolk & Essex coast and rivers from Orfordness to the Naze
Approach routes and tidal timing
The havens and rivers
7. The Essex coast and rivers from the Naze to Foulness
Approach routes and tidal timing
The havens and rivers
8. The Thames Estuary from Foulness to North Foreland
Approach routes and tidal timing
The rivers and havens
9. Dover Strait
Approach routes and tidal timing
The harbours
10. The French & Belgian coast from Gravelines to Zeebrugge
Approach routes and tidal timing
The harbours and coast
11. The Schelde Delta
Approach routes and tidal timing
Bad weather routes inland
The harbours and rivers
12. Noord and Zuid Holland
Approach routes and tidal timing
Bad weather routes inland
The harbours and coastal region

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