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Corsica and North Sardinia Корсика и Северная Сардиния 3-я редакция

Артикул: 00806015
в желания В наличии
Автор: John Marchment
Издательство: Imray (все книги издательства)
Место издания: England
ISBN: 9781846235535
Год: 2013
Переплет: Мягкая обложка
Страниц: 213
Вес: 901 г
4300 P
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The author started sailing in 1946 in a Bristol Channel pilot cutter, Christabel, from Falmouth and has, since then, sailed in most oceans of the world in all sorts of sailing craft. However his sailing was concentrated on the Channel Isles / Brittany coast areas which were easily accessible from his home in Weymouth. In 1984 he was fortunate to find a job in La Spezia where he spent eight happy years sailing/motoring in the Mediterranean (when not working!). In 1998 he was asked by the RCC Pilotage Foundation to update the Brandon volume of Corsica. Naturally he had used the volume before and, with much trepidation, he accepted the task of modifying the work of the master. The two main reasons for accepting this work were the Brandon volume was published in 1980 and with only a few updates over the years it was clearly out of date, and he also felt the volume would benefit from the addition of a section on Sardinia. For some years now very few comments have been received on the first two editions as most yachtsmen have opted for the delights of Greece, Turkey and Croatia. Flowever these are now getting crowded and yachtsmen are returning to the superb cruising ground of Corsica and Sardinia, where, so long as one avoids July and August, one can cruise in reasonable weather secure in the knowledge that there are vacant berths in both anchorages and marinas.
Since the first edition in 2002 technology has developed and facsimile has been overtaken by email and the mobile phone. Although fax numbers (and VHF channels) are still given in this edition they are slowly being withdrawn and contact should be made with the mobile or from a distance with email. During a May 2013 visit the author was surprised to see that many marinas were virtually empty and that the recession has clearly had a serious effect on the leisure market. That and the withdrawal of NATO and Italian naval forces from the Maddalena area has created a large hole in the economy which the locals are desperately trying to fill with tourism - although the prices are still very high!
This volume has been totally revised as a result of a visit to the islands in May 2013. The author would like to thank the staff of Imray for their patience in accepting his rudimentary sketches and the stream of corrections that he finds on every reading of the proofs. They have done an exceptional job on this volume.

Key to symbols used on plans
I. Introduction
II. Getting there, ports of refuge and marine reserves
III. Corsica
1. Ajaccio to Porto Polio
2. Propriano to lies de Fazziolu
3. Bonifacio to Punta di a Chiappa (including Les Bouches de Bonifacio)
4. Porto-Vecchio to Bastia Fuel Terminal
5. Bastia to Punta Vecchiaia Around Cap Corse
6. Saint-Florent to Golfe de Calvi
7. Calvi to Punta di u Puntiglione
8. Cargese to Pointe de la Parata
IV. North Sardinia
1. Alghero to Stintino
2. Porto Torres to Capo Testa
3. Santa Teresa di Gallura to Capo Ferro(including La Maddalena archipelago)
4. Porto Cervo to Olbia Approach
5. Olbia to Capo Comino
I. List of waypoints
II. Bibliography
III. Charts

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