Атлантическое побережье Испании и Португалии 6-я редакция Atlantic Spain & Portugal

Артикул: 00806033
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Издательство: Imray (все книги издательства)
ISBN: 978-184623-282-4
Год: 2010
Страниц: 340
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Whilst the RCC Pilotage Foundation, the author and the publishers have used reasonable endeavours to ensure the accuracy of the content of this book, it contains selected information and thus is not definitive. It does not contain all known information on the subject in hand and should not be relied on alone for navigational use: it should only be used in conjunction with official hydrographical data. This is particularly relevant to the plans, which should not be used for navigation. The RCC Pilotage Foundation, the authors and the publishers believe that the information which they have included is a useful aid to prudent navigation, but the safety of a vessel depends ultimately on the judgment of the skipper, who should assess all information, published or unpublished. The information provided in this pilot book may be out of date and may be changed or updated without notice. The RCC Pilotage Foundation cannot accept any liability for any error, omission or failure to update such information. To the extent permitted by law, the RCC Pilotage Foundation, the author and the publishers do not accept liability for any loss and/or damage howsoever caused that may arise from reliance on information contained in these pages.


I. Galicia
A Coruna to the Portuguese border
1. Rias Altas
A Coruna area
A Corufia to Laxe
Laxe to Finisterre
Cabo Finisterre and Seno de Corcubion
2. Finisterre to Isla Ons
Ria de Muros
 Ria de Arousa
3. Ria de Arousa to Baiona and La Guardia
Ria de Pontevedra
Ria de Vigo
Baiona to la Guardia

II. Portugal - the West Coast
Foz do Minho to Cabo de Sao Vicente
1. Foz do Minho to Leix5es
2. Porto to Figueira da Foz
3. Figueira da Foz to Cabo da Roca
4. Approaches to the Rio Tejo and Lisbon
5. Cabo Espichel to Cabo de Sao Vicente

III. The Algarve and Andalucia
Cabo de Sao Vicente to Gibraltar
1. Cabo de Sao Vicente to Tavira
2. The Rio Guadiana to the Rio Guadalquivir
3. The Rio Guadalquivir to Cabo Trafalgar
4. Cabo Trafalgar to Gibraltar
I Charts
II. Waypoints
III. Facilities
IV. Useful addresses
V Regulations, tax and VAT in Spain
VI. Marina charges in Galicia
VII. Portugal and Andalucia on the Net
VIII. Glossary

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