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The Admiralty Manual of Navigation. Vol 2. Astro Navigation

Артикул: 00455241
в желания В наличии
Автор: Royal Navy
Издательство: The Nautical Institute (все книги издательства)
Место издания: London
ISBN: 978-1-906915-30-8
Год: 2011
Переплет: Твердый переплет
Страниц: 278
Вес: 460 г
6307 P
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Satelite technology enables amlmost every mariner to use electronic navaids to fix thier position on the oceans. However, electronic systems can be disrupted by errors in a satelite or its ground control systems, defects in shipboard equipment or interference with satelite signals. The celestial chart therefore remains the most reliable tool for mariners navigating out of sight of land.
This new edition of the classic guide to celestial navigation has been redesigned for clarity and contains guidance on using UKHO/Nautical Almanac Office's NavPac v4 software for astro navigation, including full colour screenshots. With NavPac, a modicum of skill with a sextant and the appropriate chapter from the book, anyone can do astro.

Chapter 1 The Celestial Sphere - Introduction
Section 1 Basic Definitions and Structure
Section 2 The Magnitudes of Stars and Planets
Section 3 Methods of Identifying Heavenly Bodies
Chapter 2 Time Systems
Chapter 3 Practical Sights: Planning, Taking, Reducing and Plotting
Section 1 Scope, Assumptions and Software
Section 2 Planning Astro Sights
Section 3 Description, Preparation and Use of Sextants
Section 4 Reducing Sights (Processing of Sextant Readings)
Section 5 Plotting Sights
Annex ЗА Observing Astro Sights Using an Artificial Horizon
Chapter 4 The Celestial Sphere - Definitions, Hour Angles and the Theory of Time
Section 1 Glossary of Definitions
Section 2 Hour Angles
Section 3 Solar Time
Section 4 Sidereal Time
Section 5 Lunar and Planetary Time
Section 6 Parallax and Horizontal Parallax
Chapter 5 Identification of Heavenly Bodies, Astronomical Position Lines, Observed Position and Sight Reduction Procedures
Section 1 Identification of Heavenly Bodies
Section 2 Astronomical Position Lines
Section 3 Calculating Altitude, Azimuth and True Bearing
Section 4 Sight Reduction Procedures and Methods
Section 5 Very High Altitude (Tropical) Sights
Section 6 High Latitude (Polar) Sights
Annex 5A Description and Setting of the Star Globe
Chapter 6 Meridian Passage and Polaris
Section 1 Meridian Passage
Section 2 Polaris
Chapter 7 The Rising and Setting of Heavenly Bodies
Section 1 Requirements and Generic Definitions
Section 2 Sunrise, Sunset and Twilights
Section 3 Moonrise and Moonset
Section 4 High Latitudes
Chapter 8 Refraction, Dip and Mirage
Chapter 9 Errors in Astronomical Position Lines
Appendix 1 The Sky at Night
Appendix 2 Extracts from The Nautical Almanac (1997)

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