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The Principles of Navigation

Артикул: 00455619
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Автор: Royal Navy
Издательство: The Nautical Institute (все книги издательства)
ISBN: 1870077903
Год: 2008
Переплет: Твердая обложка
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The Royal Navy is delighted to undertake the publishing of this book jointly with The Nautical Institute. Over many years, the Admiralty Manuals of Navigation have become the leading publications on this subject. We take pride in sharing this expertise as widely as possible.

Chapter 1 Position and Direction on the Earth's Surface
Section 1 Position on the Earth's Surface
Section 2 Direction on the Earth's Surface
Chapter 2 The Sailings - Basic Calculations
Chapter 3 An Introduction to Geodesy
Section 1 Spheroids
Section 2 Datums
Section 3 Earth Models for Navigation Systems
Chapter 4 Projections and Grids
Section 1 Projection Concepts and Principles
Section 2 Mercator Projection for Charts
Section 3 Transverse Mercator Projection for Charts
Section 4 Gnomonic Projection for Charts
Section 5 Grids
Chapter 5 The Sailings - More Complex Calculations
Section 1 Spherical Mercator Sailing
Section 2 Spherical Great Circle Composite Track / Vertex
Section 3 Spheroidal Rhumb Line Sailing
Section 4 Spheroidal Geodesic (Great Circle) Sailing
Section 5 Comparison and Choice of Methods
Chapter 6 Charts and Publications - Overview
Section 1 Charting Concepts and Policy
Section 2 Navigational Charts
Section 3 Digital Navigation Systems and Electronic Charts
Section 4 UKHO Navigational and Digital Publications
Chapter 7 Chartwork
Section 1 Paper Chartwork Procedures
Section 2 Digital Chartwork Procedures
Chapter 8 Visual Fixing
Chapter 9 Aids to Navigation
Section 1 Satellite Navigation, LORAN and E-Nav / Digital Nav
Section 2 Compasses, Inertial Nav Systems, Echo Sounders & Logs
Section 3 Lights and Fog Signals
Section 4 Buoys, Other Floating Structures and Beacons
Section 5 Automatic Identification Systems (AIS) and VHF Radio
CONTENTS (continued):
Chapter 10 Tides and Tidal Streams
Section 1 Tidal Theory
Section 2 The Tides in Practice
Section 3 Tidal Harmonics and SHM for Windows
Section 4 Tidal Streams and Currents
Section 5 Admiralty Tide Tables and Admiralty TotalTide
Section 6 Levels and Datums
Chapter 11 Ocean Navigation
Section 1 Planning and Execution of Ocean Navigation Section 2 Ocean Currents
Chapter 12 Coastal Navigation
Section 1 Planning Coastal Navigation
Section 2 Execution of Coastal Navigation
Section 3 Traffic Reporting and Monitoring Systems
Chapter 13 Pilotage and Blind Pilotage
Section 1 Planning Pilotage and Blind Pilotage
Section 2 Execution of Pilotage and Blind Pilotage
Section 3 Navigation in Canals and Narrow Channels
Chapter 14 Anchoring
Section 1 Anchoring a Single Ship
Section 2 Berthing Stern-To and Alongside with Anchors
Chapter 15 Radar Theory and Application
Section 1 Radar Wave Theory
Section 2 Radar for Navigation
Section 3 Limitations of Radar
Chapter 16 Navigational Errors
Section 1 Navigational Accuracies and Types of Error
Section 2 Practical Application of Navigational Errors Annex A One-Dimensional Random Errors Annex В Two-Dimensional Random Errors
Chapter 17 Relative Velocity
Section 1 Principles of Relative Velocity
Section 2 Plotting Relative Velocity on Radar Displays
Section 3 Some Relative Velocity Worked Examples
Chapter 18 Hydrographic Surveying for Non-Surveyors
Section 1 Guidance for 'Short Period' Surveying Tasks
Section 2 Guidance for a Complete Minor Survey
CONTENTS (continued):
Chapter 19 Bridge Organisation and Management
Section 1 Navigational Conduct of the Ship
Section 2 WECDIS / ECDIS Bridge Organisations
Section 3 Paper Chart Bridge Organisations (Pre-WECDIS / ECDIS)
Appendix 1 Plane Trigonometry
Appendix 2 Spherical Trigonometry
Appendix 3 The Spherical Earth
Appendix 4 Projections
Appendix 5 The Spheroidal Earth
Appendix 6 Vertical and Horizontal Sextant Angles
Appendix 7 Doubling the Angle on the Bow
Appendix 8 Spare
Appendix 9 Spare
Appendix 10 Errors in Terrestrial Position Lines

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