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Ultimate sailing adventures. 100 extraordinary experiences on the water

Артикул: 00316356
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Автор: Miles Kendall
Издательство: WILEY NAUTICAL (все книги издательства)
Место издания: England
ISBN: 978-0-470-74697-4
Год: 2011
Формат: А4
Переплет: Мягкая обложка
Страниц: 204
Вес: 710 г
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Do you dream of sailing around one of the Great Capes? Would you like to cruise up the Amazon or cross the Pacific on a windsurfer? How about competing in the America’s Cup or Volvo Ocean Race? These are just a few of the 100 extraordinary experiences included in Ultimate Sailing Adventures . There are more modest adventures too: share the experience of competing among almost 2,000 yachts in a race that is open to all or get a feel for cruising among the epic scenery of Desolation Sound. Ultimate Sailing Adventures takes you from Lake Titicaca to the Arctic Circle and from the turquoise waters of the Caribbean to the icebergs and mountainous seas of the Southern Ocean. Try an eco–charter in Thailand or step aboard the sexiest yacht in the world. Lively writing puts you at the helm while stunning photography brings each adventure to life. Epic ocean crossings Staggering solo challenges Famous capes and headlands The world's greatest yacht races Wildlife wonders and amazing natural phenomena Whether an armchair sailor or a hero of the high seas, there will be plenty to entertain and inspire as you set sail for the most unforgettable sailing experiences on the planet. Miles Kendall is a journalist and author specialising in yachts and yachting. He has 30 years of sailing experience and as deputy editor of Yachting Monthly magazine he travelled the world, writing about every aspect of this exciting sport.

1. South Georgia - sail and climb
2. Round the Island Race
3. Caribbean local boats - crew on
4. Blue Water Rally
5. Golfe du Morbihan
6. Cape Verdes
7. Northern Lights
8. Newport- Bermuda
9. Cricket- Bramble Bank
10. Sydney Harbour
11. Raft across an ocean
12. Land's End
13. Kitesurfing
14. Sail to Africa from Gibraltar
15. French canals
16. Spinnaker swing
17. Charter the Maltese Falcon
18. Rio de Janeiro
19. Flying fish
20. RaceaTP52
21. Survive in a liferaft
22. Three Peaks
23. Brest festival
24. Windsurf across an ocean
25. Maxi-cat
26. Sail up the Thames
27. Around Britain
28. Thai eco-charter
29. Jester/OSTAR
30. Equator-Neptune
31. J Class
32. Desolation Sound
33. Go aloft under sail
34. Surf safari in the Maldives
35. Fastnet
36. Set a world speed record
37. Cape of Good Hope
38. Sushi at sea
39. Eastern Med
40. Sail like a Viking
41. Clipper Race
42. Phospfieresence
43. Bay of Biscay
44. Antarctica
45. Sydney-Hobart
46. Dhow in Dubai
47. lie du SoleiE
48. Charter in Greece
49. Cross the Atlantic in a very small boat
50. Wakeboard behind a yacht
51. Volvo
52. Waterspouts
53. Ice is nice
54. Lake Titicaca
55. Cross the ocean in an open catamaran
56. CowesWeek
57. Amazon
58. Race around Portland Bill
59. Become a superyacht skipper/crew
60. Oysters in Cornwall
61. Survive a storm
62. 18th man-America's Cup
63. Halong Bay
64. Gunboat
65. Hitchhike around the world by sea
66. Mini-Transat
67. Sail to the Scillies
68. Windsurf in the surf
69. Around the world
70. WallyEsense
71. Caribbean cricket cruise
72. San Fernando Race
73. Bonafacio
74. Tall Ship
75. Tour de France a la Voile
76. Sail among whales
77. Classic Malts Cruise
78. Pirates
79. Agulhas current-giant waves
80. 5th man - Extreme 40
81. Moths
82. Around Ireland
83. Galapagos
84. Vendee Globe
85. Cruise the Whitsundays
86. Northwest Passage
87. Charter Mirabella V
88. UK East Coast sailing
89. Transit the Panama Canal
90. Antigua Sailing Week
91. Sailing with the Dragons
92. Wander in a Wayfarer
93. Compete for the King's Cup
94. Ardnamurchan
95. AZAB
96.18ft skiffs
97. Cross the English Channel
98. Cape Horn
99. Superyacht Cup
100. Archipelago Raid

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