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Books For Children

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  • RYA Go Cruising
    RYA Go Cruising
    foreword by tom cunliffe watching my own child grow up as part of the team aboard my family cruising yacht has been one of the greatest delights of my life. society is increasingly lacking in direct physical realities, and the adventures we have shared on the water have given us a sense of mutual...
  • RYA Go Sailing! Activity Book for Young Sailors
    RYA Go Sailing! Activity Book for Young Sailors
    this book will help you find out what you already know about sailing and, hopefully, learn some new things. but it's not all hard work, there are some fun bits too! there is something here for all ages and sailing experience, so if you're too old for colouring in, leave that...
  • Go Sailing!
    Go Sailing!
    Книга на английском языке have been sailing since i can remember, from the first time i went out on the water i loved every minute of it, there is no feeling like it on earth. i hope that this book will help you to understand sailing a little better and perhaps one day soon...
  • RYA Go Inland
    RYA Go Inland
    when you cruise the inland waterways you discover the secret heart of the country. you'll be amazed at how many places you can get to by boat, and how many different things there are to see and do along the way. you'll go through busy cities and quiet countryside, along tiny canals or wide rivers,...
  • Eyewitness Ocean/Наблюдая за океаном
    Eyewitness Ocean/Наблюдая за океаном
    Издание на английском языке be an eyewitness to the secret watery world that covers much of our planet and the incredible creatures that live in its depths. contents oceans of the past oceans today life in the oceans waves and weather sandy and muddy soft seabed rocks...
  • Kids in the Cockpit
    Kids in the Cockpit
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    описание товара скоро появится
  • Sailing For Kids. Парус для детей
    Sailing For Kids. Парус для детей
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    chapter 1 parts of the boat chapter 2 rigging chapter 3 your first sail chapter 4 launching chapter 5 reaching chapter 6 beating chapter 7 running chapter 8 sailing a circular course chapter 9 landing chapter 10 safety chapter 11 how the wind moves your boat. chapter 12 knots chapter 13...
  • RYA Go Cruising Activity Book
    RYA Go Cruising Activity Book
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    this book is full of puzzles, quizzes, activities and games to play when on passage or in harbour. it will test your cruising knowledge, teach you some new things and help you to avoid boredom on long trips or when gale bound in harbour. above all it aims to make cruising more fun....
  • Great maps
    Great maps
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    Издание на английском языке today, maps are regarded primarily as locational or navigational tools. made of paper or, more likely, accessed digitally, they provide information about our surroundings or guide us from one place to another with maximum speed and efficiency....
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