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Be Your Own Sailing Coach. 20 Goals for Racing Success/Стань своим собственным тренером по парусному спорту. 20 целей для успеха в гонках

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Автор: Jon Emmett
Издательство: WILEY NAUTICAL (все книги издательства)
ISBN: 978-0-470-31929-1
Год: 2008
Переплет: Мягкая обложка
Страниц: 293
Вес: 735 г
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Издание на английском языке
One of the reasons why it is so hard to improve your racing is that sailing is such a time-intensive sport. If you are running, you can start your training session five minutes after you’ve shut your front door, whereas it may take a sailor five hours (or more) to drive to the venue, fully rig the boat and get on the water. This is why full-time sailors have such an advantage over those weekend warriors. If you can sail only at weekends, it can be very unfortunate if there is too much wind to sail on the Saturday and not enough wind on the Sunday, or if, when you can sail, there is no coach available!
The aim of this book is to help those who wish to improve their skills in the shortest time possible. To achieve this you need to assess yourself and then spend your time training in the most efficient way. You can, after all, improve your sailing by going to the gym or reading (this book) from the comfort of your armchair. Coaching is an extremely important part of learning, but for the vast majority of sailors it is not possible to have a coach all the time. In fact, because of the constraints of time, money and location, many sailors may only have a coach on rare occasions.
This book is for all those busy people who still want to be successful, and need to optimise every hour of every training session without a coach!
The whole purpose of this book is to try and improve the average finishing position of the reader, whether the goal is to win at club, open, national or international level.
To achieve this you need to work on your weakest areas. It may be fun to practice what you are good at, and race in your favourite conditions, but the real improvement to your overall sailing skills is to be had by working on what you are bad at. This can expand your skill base and means you have all the tools in the toolbox for when conditions change!
This book has been written so you can dip in and out of the chapters, each of which has useful exercises in it, spending time on those which are most relevant to your needs, but hopefully reading each and every one at some time.

1 Goal Setting
1.1 The importance of goal setting
1.2 Smart goals
1.3 Short-, medium- and long-term goals
Advice from Paul Goodison
2 Self-preparation
2.1 How prepared are you?
2.2 Peaking at the correct time
2.3 Checklists
Advice from Simon Hiscocks
3 Venue Preparation
3.1 Logistics
3.2 Weather patterns
3.3 Wind patterns
Advice from Paul Goodison
4 Technology
4.1 Keeping up with the trends
4.2 Finding the perfect solution
4.3 Keeping it simple
Advice from Simon Hiscocks
5 Starting
5.1 Time, distance and acceleration
5.2 Considering wind and tide
5.3 Remember the rest of the race
Advice from Paul Goodison
6 Boat Handling
6.1 Top and bottom turns
6.2 Tacks and gybes
6.3 Changing gear
Advice from Paul Goodison
7 Tactics
7.1 What are boat-to-boat tactics?
7.2 Upwind tactics
7.3 Downwind tactics
Advice from Paul Goodison
8 Strategy
8.1 What is strategy?
8.2 Upwind strategy
8.3 Downwind strategy
Advice from Simon Hiscocks
9 Rules
9.1 Rules: the basics
9.2 Using the rules aggressively
9.3 Using the rules defensively
Advice from Simon Hiscocks
10 Meteorology
10.1 Sources of weather information
10.2 Understanding weather forecasts
10.3 Using weather forecasts
Advice from Joe Glanfield
11 Boat Speed: Upwind
11.1 Rig set-up
11.2 Making the boat ‘point’
11.3 Making the boat ‘foot’
Advice from Joe Glanfield
12 Boat Speed: Reaching
12.1 Rig set-up
12.2 ‘Soaking’ low
12.3 Going for speed
Advice from Simon Hiscocks
13 Boat Speed: Running
13.1 Rig set-up
13.2 Sailing by the lee
13.3 Apparent wind sailing
Advice from Paul Goodison
14 Fitness
14.1 What is fitness?
14.2 How fit do you need to be?
14.3 How to improve your fitness
Advice from Paul Goodison
15 Diet
15.1 Understanding nutritional labelling
15.2 What we need to eat
15.3 Diet suggestions
Advice from Joe Glanfield
16 Body Weight
16.1 Maintaining body weight and recovering
16.2 Losing body weight
16.3 Gaining body weight
Advice from Joe Glanfield
17 Mental Attitude
17.1 The importance of correct attitude
17.2 Dealing with negatives
17.3 Relaxation techniques
Advice from Joe Glanfield
18 Racing Log
18.1 Why keep a diary?
18.2 How to keep good records
18.3 Race analysis
Advice from Joe Glanfield
19 Concentration
19.1 Looking at mental stamina
19.2 Maintaining focus
19.3 Peak concentration
Advice from Joe Glanfield
20 Boat Preparation
20.1 How prepared is your boat?
20.2 Dealing with boat work
20.3 Checklist
Advice from Simon Hiscocks
21 Finance
21.1 The true cost of sailing
21.2 Campaigning
21.3 Sponsorship
Advice from Joe Glanfield

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