A master’s guide to Fire Safety on Ferries

  • A master’s guide to Fire Safety on Ferries
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Автор: The Standard P&I Club
Издательство: The Standard P&I Club (все книги издательства)
Год: 2018
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A fire is one of the most frightening things that can happen at sea. Often, seafarers have no ready access to the emergency services when a firebreaks out and will need to rely on their own resources, courage and training to tackle and extinguish the blaze quickly to ensure the safety of the ship and everyone on board.

Basic advice
Basic fire science
Fire safety and ferry construction
Firefighting equipment and its use
Emergency preparedness
The human element
Accident investigation
Dos and don’ts checklist
Appendix 1: Fire on board Commodore Clipper, Corona Seaway and Lisco Gloria
Appendix 2: SOLAS chapter II-2 fire safety requirements for ferries
Appendix 3: IMO MSC circulars 1312, 1318, 1432 and 1516

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