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Harbour Guide. Croatia, Montenegro, Slovenia. Хорватия, Черногория и Словения. Руководство по гаваням

Артикул: 00-01008726
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Автор: Emma Glaumann, Joakim Hermansson, Per Hotveat
Издательство: Imray (все книги издательства)
Место издания: England
ISBN: 978-184623-745-4
Год: 2016
Переплет: Мягкая обложка на пружине
Страниц: 350
Вес: 1875 г
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In 2009 we published the first Harbour Guide (Havneguiden) for our home waters, the expansive Stockholm archipelago and its 30,000 islands. This was followed in 2012 by a Harbour Guide for the Swedish inland waterways including the Gota Kanal and lakes Vanern and Vattern, and in 2014 by a Harbour Guide for the Baltic coast from Flensburg in Germany to Gdansk in Poland. Each of these sailing areas has its charm. However, the easternmost parts of the Adriatic and in particular, the beautiful Croatian archipelago have a very special place in our hearts. The area is relatively straightforward to navigate and is well marked. The climate is beautiful in the summer, with wonderful air and water temperatures and with winds that provide both easy and more challenging sailing. The infrastructure for leisure boats is well developed, providing all the services you could need. Even so, you can still find isolated and well-sheltered bays where to take in this area's unique scenery.
Wonderful people
Our experience of sailing the Adriatic has been invaluable in the preparation of this Harbour Guide. We spent countless hours and covered many nautical miles, under a wide range of conditions, in the Croatian archipelago and the other areas covered by this Guide. We met many wonderful people; hardy locals, other leisure boat skippers and crews, experienced commercial captains, fishermen and many others to whom the archipelago is important, including harbourmasters, tourist office staff, the local police and other officials. All were very helpful, patient and friendly with us and our many questions.
Big and small
Sailing the area and first hand experience of the approaches, navigational challenges, weather conditions and harbours is of course very important. However, this only makes up a small part of the work involved in preparing this Harbour Guide. The work we have carried out at our desks at home, Googling, browsing through the literature, making telephone calls, checking facts, sorting and compiling the most important information on each harbour, drawing figures and charts and writing the text, has been a major part of the preparation too. We selected no less than 470 harbours along the Slovenia - Croatia - Montenegro coast for inclusion; everything from full-service marinas in lively cities to solitary islets in the outermost parts of the archipelago, from moonscape-like terrain to leafy bays with crystal-clear turquoise water, from hustle and bustle to tranquil and quiet.
Harbour Guide contents
Each page covers one, or sometimes more than one, harbour, with an aerial photograph and a detailed chart to plan your approach. At the beginning of the book is a planning chart.
Each text is split into a General and a Berthing section. The General section describes where the harbour is located, often in relation to other harbours nearby. History, scenery and culture are described along with recommended activities. The Berthing section provides all the instructions the navigator needs, such as where and which way to berth, harbour depths and how exposed it is to winds and sea from different directions. The approach to the harbour is also described. A common format is used for each for easy reference and to compare harbours according to current weather conditions.

Wonderful sailing in the Adriatic
Practical information
The authors
Sailing areas
Index map Sailing area 1 Koper- Cres - Krk
Index map Sailing area 2 Rab - Losinj - Zadar
Index map Sailing area 3 Zadar - Split
Index map Sailing area 4 Split - Dubrovnik
Index map Sailing area 5 Dubrovnik - Ulcinj(Montenegro)
Harbour guides part 1
Harbour guides part 2
Harbour guides part 3
Harbour guides part 4
Harbour guides part 5
List of harbours in alphabetic order

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