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Italian Waters Pilot Италия: Западное побережье Италии, Сардиния, Сицилия, Ионическое побережье Италии (10-я редакция)

Артикул: 00806017
в желания Нет в наличии
Автор: Rod, Lucinda Heikell
Издательство: Imray (все книги издательства)
Место издания: England
ISBN: 9781786790903
Год: 2019
Переплет: Твердый переплет
Страниц: 512
Вес: 1880 г
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Издание на английском языке
This new tenth edition builds on first-hand research by the authors through the Tuscan islands, along the Tyrrhenian and Ionian coasts, to Sardinia and Sicily, Malta and Gozo.
Numerous revisions have been made throughout, with the text, plans and photographs undergoing a complete overhaul. Care has been taken to research the details of marina developments. Where it has been available information is given on proposed changes and extensions to yacht harbours. Marine reserves are now an important feature of the coasts and off-lying islands, particularly in Sardinia and Sicily, and this edition provides updated details of the latest regulations. Climate change and extreme weather events are becoming a major issue and this edition includes a section on how climate change might affect sailing in the Mediterranean.
Italian Waters Pilot is the last word on the area for yachts cruising there and on their way between western and eastern parts of the Mediterranean.
Rod and Lucinda Heikell have also authored companion guides on France, Greece and Turkey which are acclaimed as the best pilot books currently available.

Key to symbols
Key to quick reference guides
I. The Ligurian Coast
II. The Tuscan Islands and adjacent mainland coast
III. The Tyrrhenian Sea
IV. Sardinia
V. Sicily
VI. The Ionian
VII. The Southern Adriatiс
VIII. Malta
Useful addresses
Useful books and charts
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