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Application and Installation Guide. Cooling systems

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Издательство: Caterpillar (все книги издательства)
Место издания: USA
Год: 2006
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Издание на английском языке.
This section of the Application and Installation Guide generally describes Cooling Systems for Caterpillar® engines listed on the cover of this section.
Additional engine systems, components and dynamics are addressed in other sections of this Application and Installation Guide.
Engine-specific information and data is available from a variety of sources.
Refer to the Introduction section of this guide for additional references.
Systems and components described in this guide may not be available or applicable for every engine.

Cooling System Basics
Typical Cooling System
Heat Transfer
Water Jacket
Oil Cooler
Basic System Configurations
Separate Circuit Configuration
Combined Circuit Configuration
Air-to-Air Aftercooling
Temperature Control
Inlet Controlled Cooling Systems
Outlet Controlled Cooling System
Selection of Inlet or Outlet Controlled Systems
Gas Engine Cooling System Configurations
Standard Cooling System
Combined Heat and Power Cooling System (CHP)
Low Energy Fuel Engine Cooling System
High Temperature Cooling System
Two-Stage Aftercooler Cooling Systems
Special Cooling Systems
Cooling System Sizing
Cooling System Design Requirements
Heat Rejection
Recoverable Heat
Heat Rejection Tolerances
Basic Operating Parameters
Cooling System Sizing Procedure
Coolant Calculation Constants
Coolant Flow Calculation
External Restriction and Pump Flows
Types of Cooling Systems
Open System
Closed System
Radiator Performance Criteria
Radiator Design Criteria and Considerations
Radiator/Fan Performance
Ambient Capability
Heat Exchangers
Shell and Tube Type
Plate Type
Design Criteria and Considerations
Heat Exchanger Sizing
Submerged Pipe Cooling
Cooling Towers
Open Cooling Tower
Closed Cooling Tower
Cooling Tower Design Criteria
Keel Coolers
Jacket Water Aftercooled with Keel Cooler
Separate Circuit Aftercooled with Keel Coolers
Separate Circuit Aftercooled with Keel Coolers and Aftercooler Keel Cooler Bypass
Fabricated Keel Coolers
Marine Gear Heat Rejection
Design/Installation Considerations
Use of Keel Inserts to Improve Local Flow Velocity
Direction of Flow through Keel Coolers
Bypass Filters
Packaged Keel Coolers
Location of Keel Coolers on the Hull
Pumps for Keel Cooler Circuits
Venting and Piping of Keel Coolers
Corrosion Inhibitors
Box Coolers
Seawater Systems
Jacket Water Aftercooled with Heat Exchanger
Seawater Aftercooled
Separate Circuit Aftercooled with Heat Exchangers
Separate Circuit Aftercooled with Heat Exchangers with Aftercooler Seawater Recirculation
3600 Combined Circuit System
Sea Chest
Suction Line
Sea Valve
Seawater Strainers
Seawater Pumps
Seawater Piping
Fresh Water Heat Exchanger
Marine Gear Oil Cooler
Stern Tube Lubrication & Cooling
Seawater Temperature
Marine Growth
Potential Problems
Dissimilar Metal Combinations to Avoid
The Protective Role of Zinc
Electrochemical Series
General Corrosion
Heat Recovery
Heat Balance
Heat Balance Calculation
Standard Temperature Heat Recovery
Critical Design Criteria for Standard Temperature Heat Recovery
High Temperature Heat Recovery Circuits
High Temperature Solid Water System
High Temperature Water-Steam System
Water Quality and Treatment for Heat Recovery Cooling Systems
Standard Cooling Systems
High Temperature Cooling Systems
Make-up Water
Feed Water
Engine Jacket Water
Total Dissolved and Suspended Solids
Measurement of TDS and Control
Cooling System Design Considerations
Expansion Tanks
Full Flow and Partial (Remote) Flow Expansion Tanks
Maintaining Pump Suction Head with the Expansion Tank
Sizing Expansion Tanks
Venting and Filling
System Pressures
Auxiliary Expansion Tank
Jacket Water Circuit Auxiliary Expansion Tank
Aftercooler Circuit Auxiliary Expansion Tank
Sizing the Volume of Auxiliary Expansion Tanks
Installation of Auxiliary Expansion Tank
Pressurization of Systems Containing Auxiliary Expansion Tanks - Afterboil
Bladder Type Expansion Tanks
Low Velocity
Interconnection of Engines
Piping Supports
Jacket Water Heaters
Preparations for Initial Startup
Serviceability and Isolation Valves
System Monitoring
Customer Connections
Mechanical Vent Valves
Watermakers, Domestic Water Heaters, Cabin Heaters
Watermaker Controls
Interconnecting Engines
When the Watermaker is Far from the Engine
Cooling System Protective Devices
Coolant Level Switches
High Water Temperature Switches
Emergency Systems
Jacket Water Pump Connections
Auxiliary Seawater Pump
Auxiliary Freshwater Pump Connections
Central Cooling Systems
Advantages of a Central Cooling System
Disadvantages of a Central Cooling System
Suggestions for Design of a Successful Central Cooling System
Cold Weather Considerations
Extreme Cold Weather Considerations
Coolant Considerations
Coolant Function
Coolant Properties
Supplemental Coolant Additives
Coolant Recommendations
Coolant Testing
S•O•SSM Coolant Analysis
Boiler Type Coolants
Reference Material
Media List
Jacket Water Cooling Circuit Worksheet
Auxiliary Cooling Circuit Design Worksheet
Heat Exchanger Sizing Worksheet
Heat Exchanger Sizing Worksheet
Keel Cooler Sizing Worksheet
Packaged Keel Cooler Sizing Worksheet
Auxiliary Expansion Tank Sizing

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