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Atlantic France Атлантическое побережье Франции

Артикул: 00527175
в желания В наличии
Автор: RCC Pilotage Foundation
Издательство: Imray (все книги издательства)
ISBN: 978-1846232800
Год: 2010
Переплет: Твердый переплет
Страниц: 330
5500 P
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Whilst the RCC Pilotage Foundation, the authors and the publishers have used reasonable endeavours to ensure the accuracy of the content of this book, it contains selected information and thus is not definitive. It does not contain all known information on the subject in hand and should not be relied on alone for navigational use: it should only be used in conjunction with official hydrographic data. This is particularly relevant to the plans, which should not be used for navigation. The RCC Pilotage Foundation, the authors and the publishers believe that the information which they have included is a useful aid to prudent navigation, but the safety of a vessel depends ultimately on the judgment of the skipper, who should assess all information, published or unpublished.
The information provided in this pilot book may be out of date and may be changed or updated without notice. The RCC Pilotage Foundation cannot accept any liability for any error, omission or failure to update such information.
To the extent permitted by law, the RCC Pilotage Foundation, the authors and the publishers do not accept liability for any loss and/or damage howsoever caused that may arise from reliance on information contained in these pages



I. Finisterre
1 L'Aberwrac'h
2 Chenal du Four
3 Goulet de Brest
4 Brest
5 River Elorn
6 Rade de Brest
7 River Aulne
8 Camaret-sur-Mer
9 The Crozon Peninsula
10 Morgat
11 Douarnenez
12 lie de Sein
13 RazdeSein
14 Sainte Evette
15 Audierne

II. Benodet Bay
16 Pointe de Penmarc'h
17 Le Guilvinec
18 Lesconil
19 Loctudy
20 Benodet and Sainte Marine
21 River Odet
22 llesdeGlenan
23 Port-la-Foret
24 Concarneau

III. Groix and the Rias
25 River Aven and Port Manec'h
26 River Belon
27 Merrien and Brigneau
28 Doelan
29 Le Pouldu
30 Lomener
31 Lorient
32 Port Louis and Locmalo
33 PortTudy
34 Locmaria
35 Etel

IV. Quiberon Bay
36 Sauzon
37 Le Palais
38 Belle-lie Anchorages
39 Teignouse Passage
40 TleHouat
41 lie Hoedic
42 Port Haliguen
43 LaTrinite
44 River Auray
45 Vannes
46 Port du Crouesty
47 Morbihan anchorages

V The Vilaine and the Loire
48 Penerf
49 The Vilaine to Arzal
50 La Roche Bernard and Foleux
51 Redon
52 Piriac-sur-Mer
53 LaTurballe
54 LeCroisic
55 LePouliguen
56 Pornichet
57 Saint-Nazaire and Nantes
58 Saint-Gildas
59 Pornic

VI. The Vendee
60 L'Herbaudiere
61 Noirmoutier anchorages
62 Fromentine
63 Port-Joinville
64 Port de la Meule
65 Sainte-Gilles-Croix-de-Vie
66 Les Sables d'Olonne
67 Bourgenay
68 Jard-sur-Mer

VII. Charente
69 La Faute-sur-Mer and L'Aiguillon
70 Marans
71 Ars-en-Re
72 Saint-Martin-de-Re
73 La-Flotte-en-Re
74 La Rochelle
75 lled'Aix
76 River Charente
77 Rochefort
78 St-Denis-d'Oleron
79 Port du Douhet
80 Boyardville
81 The Seudre to Marennes

VIII. The Gironde and Bassin d'Arcachon to Hendaye
The Gironde
82 Bonne Anse
83 Royan
84 Meschers
85 Mortagne
86 Blaye
87 Bourg
88 Cavernes
89 Port Medoc
90 Pauillac
91 Bordeaux
92 Bassin d'Arcachon
93 Arcachon
94-114 Small harbours of the Bassin d'Arcachon
 French Basque Port
115 Capbreton
116 Bayonne and Anglet Marina
117 Biarritz
118 St-Jean-de-Luz, Larraldenia and Socoa
119 Hendaye and Hondarribia
1. Charts
2. Waypoints
3. Lights

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