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Cruising Guide to the Netherlands. Яхтенный путеводитель по Нидерландам

Артикул: 00512988
в желания В наличии
Автор: Brian Navin
Издательство: Imray (все книги издательства)
Место издания: England
ISBN: 978-184623-185-8
Год: 2010
Переплет: Мягкая обложка
Страниц: 203
Вес: 720 г
4065 P
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Preface to the fifth edition
Each successive edition of this book since 1988 has seen improvements to cruising conditions in a country which places boating at the top of its tourist priorities. The Netherlands has a fascinatingly complex network of waterways and lakes with a huge infrastructure requiring consistent maintenance by the waterways authorities but which they also continue to upgrade. Inland, new and improved locks and opening bridges are being phased in, often with automatic remote-controlled operation. To add to the waterway maintenance problem environmental conservation is now an increasing priority as local boat ownership increases and the country draws in more and more boat cruising visitors from surrounding countries. In 2009 the government brought in a ban on the discharge of toilet waste into its coastal and inshore waters which will prove more difficult for visitors from less crowded places than local boat users familiar with crowded inland waterways and the use of chemical toilets. Most modern mooring havens have already installed pump-out stations for boats with holding tanks and others are gradually following suit, but plan your own arrangements carefully (a chemical toilet as back-up?) and expect disruptions when leaving marinas.
As always, an up to date set of charts is essential for your cruise. In tidal waters, such as the Waddenzee, not only is there constant change in the banks and shoals, but channel marking buoys are replacing the withies and Routes 20 and 21 are becoming increasingly tricky. The eastern parts of Route 21 in particular require a minimal draught and a preparedness to anchor or lay aground for a few hours to pick the best of the next rising tide. Elsewhere in the country beware of the silting up of smaller havens and to their approaches in the flowing rivers and in the still waters within the flood barriers and dams.
So, carefully prepare for a comfortable sailing tour in an immaculate country where in a lifetime of visits you will never succeed in visiting every harbour!

Bearings and directions
Key to abbreviations and symbols
1. God's water and God's land
2. Information sources
3. The Delta approaches and harbours
The Westerschelde approaches and entrance
The Oosterschelde approaches and entrance
Roompotsluis and Neeltje Jans
Haringvliet approach and the Slijkgat
Maasmond entrance and the Nieuwe Waterweg
Berg Haven, Hoek van Holland
4. Zeeland and the Southern Delta
Route 1. Vlissingen to Yerseke via Breskens, Terneuzen, and the Kanaal door Zuid Beveland
Route 2. Vlissingen to Colijnsplaat via the Kanaal door Walcheren and the Veerse Meer
Route 3. Zierikzee to Willemstad via Goes, Stavenisse and Dintelsas
Route 4. A tour of the Grevelingenmeer
5. The Northern Delta. Haringvliet and Rotterdamse Waterweg
Route 5. Hellevoetsluis to Dordrecht via the Spui
Route 6. Hellevoetsluis to Dordrecht via the Hollands Diep
Route 7. Hoek van Holland to Dordrecht via Rotterdam, including detour to join Route 5 at the Spui
6. Zuid-Holland. Lakes and canals
Route 8. Rotterdam to Amsterdam via Schiphol
Route 9. Rotterdam to Amsterdam via Haarlem and the Noordzeekanaal
7. The Great Rivers and the Biesbosch
Route 10. Rotterdam to Lobith via the Lek and Neder-Rijn
Route 11. The big rivers - Lobith to Dordrecht via the Waal
Route 12. A tour of the Biesbosch
8. Approaches to Noord-Holland and the Frisian Islands
The Schulpengat
Den Helder
Eierlandsche Gat
Zeegat van Terschelling
Zeegat van Ameland
Friesche Zeegat
The Lauwers
The Eems
9. Noord-Holland and Amsterdam
Route 13. IJmuiden to Amsterdam via the Noordzee Kanaal
Route 14. Amsterdam to Den Helder via the Zaan and Noordhollands Kanaal
10. The IJsselmeer
Route 15. Amsterdam to Den Helder via west shore of the Ijsselmeer
Route16. Amsterdam to Urk via the Randmeren
Route 17. Amsterdam to Harlingen via east shore of the Ijsselmeer
11. Friesland and Groningen
Route 18. Harlingen to Delfzijl by canal
Route 19. Lemmer to Leeuwarden via the Frisian lakes
12. The Frisian Islands and the Waddenzee
Route 20. A circular tour of the southern Waddenzee
Route 21. The northern Waddenzee - Following the withies from Terschelling to Delfzijl
I. Publications
II. Chart data on the inland waterways
III. Netherlands lifeboat stations
IV. Glossary

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