The Offshore Race Crew's Manual

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Автор: Stuart Quarrie
Издательство: Adlard Coles Nautical (все книги издательства)
ISBN: Stuart Quarrie
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This is a book written by someone who genuinely enjoys offshore racing and who has sailed on hundreds of different yachts at all levels and in most types of race. It is intended to help crew members of either sex, and at any age and level of experience. A large part of the book concentrates on actual crew work and manoeuvres but there are also sections on watch systems, victuals, heavy weather, sail trim and setting-up the yacht for racing.

Offshore crewing, whether during a race or while cruising is great fun, but can be physically demanding and takes a high degree of commitment from participants. Racing in particular requires the entire the crew to have a common aim and for every member to put maximum effort into winning. Sailing is sometimes lovely, spinnaker reaching in a flat sea and sunny conditions, or it can be really bloody, as when going to windward in freezing conditions and half a gale - but it is always worth the experience. The sense of personal achievement after finishing a race or passage and knowing that you have contributed as much as possible to the running of the yacht is a great feeling. Most of the preparation and manoeuvres are simple in themselves but it is important to understand what is required and then how to execute each to a high level of perfection. Trying to re¬invent the wheel each time a new situation is encountered is not very efficient and does not win races. One way to learn is to listen to others who just might have been in the same situation before.

I enjoy coaching at all levels and this book is merely an extension of coaching afloat. My ideas evolved as my experience grows; sailing with different people allows me to see differing ways of doing the same things. There is rarely a right' way to do something, it is merely that some methods seem to be generally more efficient than others. I do not pretend that this is a bible for everyone to follow. I shall be happy enough if every reader either learns something new or even just


Chapter 1
Crew Work By Manoeuvre
Tacking - in Moderate Airs
Tacking - Light Airs
Tacking - Heavy Weather
Shaking Out a Reef
Headsail Changes - General
Genoa - Tack Change
Genoa Change - Straight Line - Inside Set
Genoa Change - Straight Line - Outside Set
Packing a Genoa - On the Side-deck
Spinnaker Hoists - General Points
Spinnaker Hoist - Bear Away Set
Spinnaker Hoist - Gybe Set
Spinnaker Hoist - Tack Set
Gybing Symmetrical Spinnakers - General Points
Spinnaker Gybing - Dip Pole - Run to Run in Moderate Weather
Spinnaker Gybing - Dip Pole - Reach to Reach in Moderate Weather
Spinnaker Gybing - Dip Pole - Heavy Weather
Spinnaker Gybing - Dip Pole - Light Airs
Spinnaker Gybing - End for End
Gybing with Asymmetric Spinnakers
Spinnaker Peeling
Spinnaker Drops - General Points
Spinnaker Drop - Simple Guy Run
Spinnaker Drop - Float Drop
Chapter 2
Crew Work By Position Within The Boat
The Bowman
Bowman - Training
Bowman - Boat Preparation
The Bowman's Role at the Start
The Bowman's Role During a Tack
Bowman - Headsail Changing
Bowman - Spinnaker Hoists
Bowman - Spinnaker Gybing
Bowman - Peeling Spinnakers
Bowman - Spinnaker Drops
Mast and Pit
The Mastman
The Pit and Halyards
The Headsail Trimmer
Headsail Trimming Upwind
Headsail Trimming on a Reach
Headsail Trimmer - Tacking
The Spinnaker Trimmer
Spinnaker Trim
Spinnaker Trimmer - Hoisting
Spinnaker Trimmer - Gybing
Spinnaker Trimmer - Float Drop
Spinnaker Trimming in Light Airs
The Grinder
The Mainsheet Trimmer
Mainsail Trimming Upwind
Mainsail Trim on a Reach
Mainsheet - Tacking
Mainsail Trimming on a Run
Mainsail - Gybing
Sweeper/General Crew
Bowman's Assistant/Sweeper
The Helmsman
Steering at the Start
Steering Upwind in Flat Water
Steering Upwind in Waves
Steering Upwind in Gusty Conditions
Steering on a Reach
Steering to Get a Tow
Steering on a Reach in Gusty Conditions
Steering Downwind
Steering to Surf
Steering Through a Gybe
The Team as a Whole

Chapter 3
Sail Trim
Close Reaching with Spinnakers
Downwind Spinnaker Trim
Asymmetric Spinnakers
Poling out a Headsail

Chapter 4
Setting Up For An Offshore Race
Importance of Stowage
Safety Equipment
Torches and Batteries
Personal Gear
Halyards and Control Lines
Sail Stowage
Personal Hygiene
Chapter 5
Heavy Weather While Racing

Chapter 6
Watch Systems

Chapter 7
Victualing and Cooking
Liquid Intake
Separate Carbohydrate


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