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North Brittany Северная Бретань: от Шербурга до Бреста, включая острова Ла-Манша

  • North Brittany Северная Бретань: от Шербурга до Бреста, включая острова Ла-Манша
Артикул: 00455403
в желания Нет в наличии
Автор: John Lawson
Издательство: Imray (все книги издательства)
Место издания: England
ISBN: 978-184623069-1
Год: 2008
Формат: А4
Переплет: Твердый переплет
Страниц: 200
Вес: 935 г
3800 P
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This new edition of the RCC Pilotage Foundations pilot for North Brittany covers from Cherbourg to Ouessant and the Channel Islands has been fully revised and brought completely up to date to maintain its place as the best-known companion for that coast. The text and plans have been redeveloped so that the sailing directions now make full use of recommended waypoints. New index charts have been introduced to improve cross-referencing and throughout there are new sea level and aerial photos. The RCC Pilotage Foundations North Brittany has a long and distinguished pedigree that dates back over 40 years. During that time it has always been regarded as the definitive pilot for yachts negotiating the scattered rocks and difficult tides of the Brittany coast.
Waypoint Listing
Cruising in Normandy and Brittany
Technical and navigational information
Tidal Streams French Coast
I. Cherbourg to Cancale
Tidal Streams
101 Cherbourg
102 Omonville-la-Rogue
103 Anse de St Martin (Port Racine)
104 Goury
105 Dielette
106 Carteret
107 Portbail
108 Granville
109 Cancale
The Channel Islands
Cruising in the Channel Islands
Tidal Streams
Technical and navigational information
II. The Channel Islands
Alderney Race
110 Alderney
111 Braye
112 Lug of Burhou
113 Hannaine Bay
114 Longy Bay
115 Guernsey
116 St Peter Port
117 Beaucette Marina
118 Havelet Bay
119 IcartBay
120 Moulin Huet Bay
121 Herm and Jethou
122 Sark and Brecqhou
123 La Maseline
124 Creux Harbour
125 Derrible and Dixcart Bays
126 Gouliot Pass
127 Havre Gosselin
128 Jersey
129 St Helier
130 Gorey, Jersey
131 St Catherine Bay
132 St Aubin Bay
III. St Malo to Lezardrieux/Pontrieux
133 St Malo, Dinard and La Ranee to Dinan
134 St Malo Port
135 Les Bas Sablons Marina at St Servan
136 Dinard
137 La Ranee to Dinan
138 St Briac
139 St Jacut - Baie de Lancieux
140 St Cast
141/142 Baie de l'Arguenon and Port Le Guildo
143 Baie de la Fresnaie
144 Sables d'Or-les-Pins (Greve de Minieu)
145 Chenal d'Erquy
146 Erquy
147 Dahouet
148 St Brieuc - Port Le Legue
149 Binic
150 St Quay-Portrieux Marina (Port d'Amour)
151 Paimpol
152 He de Brehat
153 La Corderie
154 La Chambre
155 Port Clos
156 Lezardrieux
157 Pontrieux and upper reaches of Riviere de Trieux
IV. Treguier to He d'Ouessant
158 Treguier and Riviere de Treguier
159 Port Blanc
160 Perros Guirec
161 Ploumanac'h
162 Les Sept lies
163 Tregastel-St Anne
164 He Grande
165 Trebeurden
166 Lannion
167 Locquemeau
168 Locquirec Toull an Hery
169 Primel-Tregastel
170 Morlaix
171 Riviere de Penze, Carantec, Pen Poull, and Penze
172 Chenal de l'lle de Batz and He de Batz
173 Roscoff
174 Bloscon
175 Mogueriec and He de Sieck
176 Pontusval and Brignogan
177 Le Correjou
178 L'Aber Wrac'h and Paluden
179 L'Aber Benoit
180 Portsall Inner Passage
181 Portsall and Kersaint
182 Argenton
183 Melon
184 L'Aber Ildut (Lanildut)
185 Le Conquet
186 Chenal du Four
187 He de Molene
188 He d'Ouessant
189 Baie de Lampaul
190 Baie du Stiff
191 Parz Darland
192 Baie de Pen ar Roc'h
193 Camaret-sur-Mer
1. List of Lights
2. Waypoints
3. Charts
4. Bibliography
5. The Breton language

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