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East Africa Pilot/Лоция восточного побережья Африки

Артикул: 00455352
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Автор: Delwyn McPhun
Издательство: Imray (все книги издательства)
Место издания: England
ISBN: 9780852882511
Год: 1998
Переплет: Твердый переплет
Страниц: 229
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Книга на английском языке.
East Africa offers some beautiful cruising along the coasts of several colourful countries. However, it rarely gets a mention in cruising guides and most boats heading west across the Indian Ocean head straight down to South Africa, or go up through the Red Sea, missing out most of this unique continent.
To many people, East Africa conjures up visions of a coastline where the steaming jungle meets the sea, and where unendurable mosquitoes, crocodiles and savages prevent any forays ashore. To be sure you can find all these if you want, but they are the exception rather than the rule. This book aims to dispel such myths, and unlock some of cruising’s best kept secrets.
The information included is based upon the needs of boats cruising long distance under sail. The navigational information will also be useful to shallower-draft powerboats and game fishermen, and we have included abundant information for divers.

Foreword, VI
Acknowledgements, VII
Early history
Diving and fishing
Marine matters
Dangerous marine animals
Security and personal safety
African officialdom and corruption
Swahili language
Portuguese language
Malagasy language
Cruising information
Weather and cruising seasons
Radio and weather services
Current and tides
Timing a cruise and cruising routes
I. Kenya
Country information
Kiunga to Lamu
Kipungani to Kilifi
Mtwapa Creek to Wasini Island
II. Tanzania
Country information
North Tanzania - Moa Bay to Pangani
Pemba Island
Zanzibar Island (Unguja)
Bagamoyo to Dar-es-Salaam
Mafia Bay
South coast - Kilwa to Msimbati
III. Mozambique
Country information
Arquipelago das Querimbas to Pemba
Baia do Lurio to Ilha Mofambique
Angoche to Ilhas dos Bazarutos
Inhambane to Maputo
IV. South Africa
Country information
Richards Bay and Durban
V. Comoros Islands
Country information
Grand Comore (Ngazidja)
Moheli (Mwali)
Anjouan (Ndzuani)
VI. Mayotte
Country information
VII. Madagascar
Country information
Nosy Be to Cap St Andre
Nosy Chesterfield to Tulear
VIII. Mozambique Channel Islands
I. Abbreviations, conventions and units used
II. Useful addresses
III. Telephone information
IV. East African flags
V. Charts
VI. Dive centres and charter boats
VII. Bibliography

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