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Atlas of oceans. Exploring this hidden world/ Атлас океанов. Изучение этого скрытого мира

  • Atlas of oceans. Exploring this hidden world/ Атлас океанов. Изучение этого скрытого мира
Артикул: 00426460
в желания В наличии
Автор: John Farndon
Издательство: Adlard Coles Nautical (все книги издательства)
Место издания: London
Серия: Атласы океанов (Все книги серии)
ISBN: 978-1-4081-3111-4
Год: 2011
Переплет: Суперобложка
Страниц: 256
Вес: 987 г
2800 P
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Издание на английском языке
Seventy per cent of our planet's surface is covered with water, but most conventional atlases focus on the other thirty per cent. This fascinating and beautifully presented survey of the world's oceans and what lives within them is published in association with the Census on Marine Life, a decade-long scientific initiative between researchers from over 80 countries to assessing and explaining the rich diversity and abundance of undersea life. Every aspect of the oceans is explored, from the seabed, continental shelves, currents, water circulation and waves, to all the wildlife that calls these places home. Each ocean (the Atlantic, Pacific, Indian, Southern, Arctic, the Seas of Europe, the Eurasian Inland Seas and the South China Sea) is examined in great detail, revealing its characteristics, underwater topography, principal species and particular features, including the effects of habitat erosion.
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Oceans in peril
Ocean watch
The main threats
Most endangered places
Dead zones
Most endangered species
Global focus: Ocean floor maps
Ocean World: Rocks And Water
Ocean geology
Earth’s broken shell
Ancient oceans
Early ocean life
Spreading oceans
Habitat focus: Seafloor oases
The eternal abyss
The deepest ocean
The continental shelf
Changing sea levels
Issue focus: Flooding the world
The chemical ocean
Issue focus: Ocean acidification
The moving ocean
Circulating water
Oceans and climate
The tidal ocean
Ocean Life Zones
Cataloguing life
Exploring the deep
Issue focus: The World Census
Coastal waters
Ever-changing shorelines
Sandy shores
Wildlife focus: Turtle tragedy
Rocky coasts
Wildlife focus: Sea lion nurseries
Estuaries and salt marshes
Habitat focus: Alien invasion
Wildlife focus: The smallest cetacean

Temperate waters
Life in the shallows
Seaweed forests

Going with the flow
Habitat focus: The dirty sea
Issue focus: The big catch

Tropical waters
The magic of coral
Coral society
Wildlife focus: Coral in peril
Mud and mangroves
The ocean’s meadows
Issue focus: Shellfish motives
The fishing machines
Polar waters
Icy seas
Surviving the chill
Wildlife focus: The vital krill
Polar migration
Wildlife focus: Ocean giants: the whales
Open waters
Ocean layers
Ocean commuters
The multitudinous mass
Wildlife focus: Sharks in danger
Issue focus: Deep haul
Mighty hunters
The ocean deeps
Deep life
Dead zones
The World’s Oceans And Seas
The Atlantic
The Atlantic basin
The Gulf and the Caribbean
Issue focus: Spilled oil
Habitat focus: The Sargasso Sea

The Gulf Stream
Habitat focus: Once Grand Banks
The Pacific
The Pacific basin
The Pacific deeps
Habitat focus: Coral islands
Habitat focus: The Great Barrier Reef
Issue focus: Plastic soup
Habitat focus: Ocean refuges

The Indian Ocean
Opening the Indian Ocean
Life in the Indian Ocean
The Red Sea
Wildlife focus: The giant clam
The Southern Ocean
Southern Ocean waters
Melting ice
Life in the icy ocean
Whaling business
Habitat focus: Whale sanctuary
The Arctic Ocean
The Arctic Basin
Arctic ice
Arctic life
Shrinking ice
Dirty ice
The Seas of Europe
The Mediterranean
Issue focus: Suez Canal invasion
Habitat focus: The Mediterranean under pressure

The North Sea
The Baltic Sea
Issue focus: Lament for the bluefin
The Seas of Eurasia
The Black Sea
Issue focus: The transparent invader
The Caspian Sea
The South China Sea
The sea of islands
Habitat focus: The coral triangle
Ocean future - the sea ethic
Endangered marine species
Further resources


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