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Boat words a dictionary of nautical terms. Словарь морских терминов для яхтсмена

Артикул: 00220841
в желания В наличии
Автор: Denny Desoutter
Издательство: Adlard Coles Nautical (все книги издательства)
Место издания: London
ISBN: 978-1-4081-2676-9
Год: 2010
Переплет: Мягкая обложка
Страниц: 254
Вес: 978 г
1022 P
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When you take up a pastime, you need to know the words. Not just the bald, scant definitions but also something of the way people use them in real life.
Anyone may guess that a man who owns a yacht is a yachtsman, but you might not know that a yachtsman always talks about 'my boat' and never about 'my yacht. And when you are buying a boat you should be able to cope with a salesman who talks about 'slack bilges', who assures you that 'she's certainly not been pinched', or that she has lovely buttock lines.
On the other hand, a practical boating dictionary has no place for words which were useful enough for Drake or Nelson, but which refer to fittings, gear and techniques which are now things of the past. We need useful, real-life words. In times past, the 'well' in a ship was a long wooden duct running from the deck right down to the bilges. If a modern owner has a well it is either a small cockpit or an open box through which an outboard can be shipped.
Some old words have gradually changed their meanings to fit new concepts, but there are also some new words. One has as much need nowadays to know about gel coats as about mast coats.
My aim has been to concoct a useful dictionary, but not a dull one, so I have allowed myself to break away from the cold, constrained manner of the professional lexicographer. In short, I have taken a rather personal approach and have followed few rules, other than to try and offer help with the uncertain language of boating - and perhaps a little pleasure too.

A A-bracket to Azimuth
В Babystay to By the stern
С Cabin cruiser to Cyclone
D Dacron to DZ
E Earings to Eyes
F Fair wind to Futtocks
G GA to GZ curve
H Half-breadth plan to Hydrographer
1 IALA buoyage system to IYRA
J Jack to Jury
К Kedge to Knuckle
L Lacing eye to LWL
M Magnetic to Mylar
N Nacelle to Nun buoy
О Oakum to Overtaking light
P P-bracket to Pyrotechnic
Q Quadrant to Quick flashing light
R RacetoRYA
S Saddle to Syntactic foam
T Tab to Tyfon
U Una rig to Up starboard
V Vacuum bagging to VRM
W WAAS to Wykeham-Martin gear
Y Yacht to Yuloh
Z Z-drive to Zylon

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