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The Boat Maintenance Bible. Библия обслуживания яхты

Артикул: 00186876
в желания В наличии
Издательство: Adlard Coles Nautical (все книги издательства)
Место издания: London
ISBN: 978-14081-2479-6
Год: 2011
Переплет: Твердая обложка
Страниц: 303
Вес: 1090 г
3371 P
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Welcome to boat maintenance
Essential Tools
Safety first
General maintenance tools
Mechanical tools
Electrical tools
Woodworking tools
Essential spares
General Boat Care
Cleaning hull & deck
Canvas care
Rope care
Cleaning saloon & cabins
Cleaning heads & galley
Maintaining headlinings
Upholstery care
Lockers & bilges
Hull and Deck Repairs
Removing stains from fibreglass
Polishing fibreglass
Refurbishing wood trim
Refurbishing deck fittings
Re-bedding leaking deck fittings
Repairing seals
Locating & fitting ventilators
Re-sealing through-hull fittings
Replacing anodes
Working with fibreglass
Cracks, voids & crazing
Impact & surface damage
Treating osmosis & delamination
Repairing a centreboard case
Repairing/replacing wood trim
Renewing non-skid decks
Repairing teak-finished decks
Working with wood
Checking еУ replacing fastenings
Making & fitting a graving piece
Caulking & paying methods
Refurbishing solid teak decks
Repairing wooden rudder fittings
Painting and Varnishing
Preparing fibreglass
Fairing fibreglass
Preparing wooden boats
Stripping & repainting wood
Preparing metal boats
Preparing & painting decks
Painting other areas
Maintaining brightwork
General Mechanics
Fresh water system
Fixing a water pipe leak
Fixing a leaking tap
Changing contaminated water pipes
Cleaning a contaminated water tank
Servicing the water pump
The gas system
Replacing gas piping & fittings
Servicing heads
Clearing blocked heads
Black Water systems
Servicing bilge pumps
Servicing seacocks
Cooking equipment
Servicing cabin heaters
Servicing steering systems
Anchor windlasses
Testing & marking ground tackle
Wiring system & earthing
Fuses & circuit breakers
Soldering & replacing connectors
Battery installation & maintenance
Charging the batteries
Cabin lights
Navigation lights
Navigation equipment
Solar panels
Wind turbines
Engine Maintenance
Servicing the engine
Bleeding the fuel system
Adjusting the belt drive
Water pump maintenance
Servicing the transmission
Throttle & gear controls
Cleaning out the fuel tank
Replacing a propeller
Repacking a stern gland
Servicing the generator
Daily & weekly checks
Essential spare parts
Powerboat Maintenance
Stern drives
Jet drives
Trim tabs
Sailboat Maintenance
Aluminium mast checks
Inspecting wooden masts
Standing rigging
Tuning rigging
Running rigging & blocks
Servicing a winch
Headsail roller reefing
Halyards & mainsail reefing systems
Sail valeting & stowage
Repairing sails & boltropes
Bending on sails & covers
Dinghy Maintenance
Regular checks
Hull & deck repair
Repairing foils
Trailers 6У tarpaulins
Inflatable dinghies
Wooden dinghy maintenance
Outboard Engines
Getting a stubborn outboard started
Changing spark plugs & shear pins
Servicing, checks & troubleshooting
Safety Gear
Lifejackets, lifelines & flares
Fire fighting, first aid & EPIRBs
Liferaft & man overboard gear
Laying up for Winter
Laying up a boat Winterisation & damp prevention
Engine winterisation
Spars & rigging

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