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Автор: Moskvina L.P.
Издательство: Астропринт (все книги издательства)
Место издания: Одесса
Год: 2010
Формат: 60x84/16 (~143х205 мм)
Переплет: Мягкая обложка
Страниц: 132
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Книга на английском языке.
A practical guide for foreign cooks who cooks who works with Ukrainian and Russian seafares.
Ukrainian cuisine has been formed during many centuries.
Among Slavic cuisines Ukrainian is considered the most diverse and the richest by right. It spread out over the borders of Ukraine a long time ago.
The most typical feature of the Ukrainian National Cuisine is a combined heat treatment of the vegetables and meat in the oil or butter, so called "Ukrainian frying", and only after that, stewing, boiling or baking (for ex. Ukrainian borsch).
Ukrainian cuisine is quite regional. That's why the same traditional borsch tastes differently and prepared differently in every region.
For every national cuisine, the place, where food is cooked has the great influence. In Ukraine, such a place was an oven, fire of a closed type. That is why Ukrainian cuisine mainly uses the techniques of boiling, stewing and baking. Even Cossacks, after shooting a game, were trying to make a bouillon out of it, but not to fry it, which is more typical for Germans, for example.
Ukrainian cuisine borrowed some techniques from neighbors, for ex. Tatar and Turkish cuisines, partially modifying them. For example, frying of products in the overheated oil/butter, which is peculiar for the Turkic cuisine, was regenerated into the "Ukrainian frying" (so called "paseruvannya" (browning) of vegetables which are used for borsch or second courses). This is, for example, not peculiar for Russian cuisine.
From Germans, Ukrainians borrowed ground meat ("sichenyky" - cutlet type dishes out of ground meat, eggs, vegetables, mushrooms, etc.), and from Hungarians - the usage of paprika.
If to talk about meat, pork is widely spread in Ukraine, comparing with beef, which is more typical for Russian cuisine or mutton for Tatar. Oxen were more like the working animals in Ukraine, and their meat was not as tasty and soft as the pigs' meat. It has also been considered not as clean as pork.

1. Ukrainian and Russian Cuisine
2. Ukrainian and International Recipes
2.1. Appetizers
2.2. Soups
2.3. Main Courses
3. Bread and Pies
4. Easter Dishes

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