звоните нам Пн-Пт с 9 до 19,
Сб с 10 до 16

Книги издательства "The Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers"

  • Elements of Ocean Engineering/Элементы океанотехники
    Elements of Ocean Engineering/Элементы океанотехники
    Книга на английском языке ocean engineering is simply defined as the application of engineering principles to the ocean environment. ocean engineering is a very challenging field addressing the use of this vast ocean frontier while striving to protect the same ocean...
  • Intact Stability/Статическая остойчивость
    Intact Stability/Статическая остойчивость
    Книга на английском языке. in this new edition of pna, the principles of intact stability in calm water are developed starting from initial stability at small angles of heel then proceeding to large angles. various effects on the stability are discussed such as changes in...
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