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Maritime Decarbonization. Practical Tools, Case Studies and Decarbonization Enablers/Морская декарбонизация. Практические инструменты, тематические исследования и факторы, способствующие декарбонизации

Артикул: 00-01092284
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Автор: M. Lind, W. Lehmacher, R. Ward
Издательство: Springer (все книги издательства)
ISBN: 978-3-031-39935-0
Год: 2023
Формат: А4
Переплет: Твердая обложка
Страниц: 514
Вес: 1734 г
9500 P

Книга на английском языке
The book provides a holistic and structured perspective on the highly complex topic, offers recommendations that governments, industry and other stakeholders can take to drive decarbonization, and includes real-life case studies from different parts of the maritime ecosystem.

Part I Outlining Baseline and Perspectives
Broadening the Scope of Decarbonization in the Maritime Sector. Alan McKinnon
Decarbonizing the Maritime Industry: Current Environmental Targets and Potential Outcomes. Zeeshan Raza and Sukhjit Singh
The Extent of Decarbonization in the Global Shipping Elect. Christopher Palsson and Torbjom Rydbergh
Part II A Step-bv-Step Concept for Decarbonizing Shipping
Four Steps to Decarbonization. Mikael Lind, Wolfgang Lehmacher, Jeremy B. Bentham, Sanjay Kuttan, Kirsi Tikka, and Richard T. Watson
Scenario Thinking and Its Place in Maritime Decarbonization. Jeremy B. Bentham
Adopting a Value Chain Focus to Tackle Decarbonization. Moritz Petersen and Katharina Renken
Identifying the Key Decarbonization Enablers. Kirsi Tikka and Steve Esau
Decarbonizing International Shipping Through Collaborative Partnerships. Sanjay Kuttan
Part III Bringing the Four-Step Concept to Life
How to Get Started: CDES—A New Paradigm for Tackling Decarbonization Projects. Mikael Lind and Wolfgang Lehmacher
Scenario Thinking To Build Business Advantages That Accelerate Decarbonization. Jeremy B. Bentham
How a Value Chain Approach Plays Out in Maritime Decarbonization. Katharina Renken and Moritz Petersen
How to Assess Decarbonization Enablers. Kirsi Tikka and Steve Esau
Effective Partnerships to Support Maritime Decarbonization. Mikael Lind, Wolfgang Lehmacher, Sanjay Kuttan, Jillian Carson-Jackson, David Cummins, Margi van Gogh, and Torbjdm Rydbergh
Part IV Some Critical Success Factors for Fast and Global Decarbonization
Ensuring Seafarers Are at the Heart of Decarbonization Action. The Maritime Just Transition Task Force Secretariat, Guy Flatten, Martha Selwyn, Helio Vicente, and Stephen Cotton
Securing Global Alignment in Regulations Related to Decarbonization. Kirsi Tikka and Steve Esau
Decarbonize Shipping or Decarbonize International Maritime Trade: The Present Contractual Framework and the Need for a New Contractual Architecture. Haris Zografakis, Neil Henderson, Andrew Rigden Green, Dora Mace-Kokota, and James M. Turner КС
Engaging the Global Research Communities in Maritime Decarbonization. Teemu Manderbacka and Ellinor Forsstrom
The Implications of Circular Supply Chains and the EU Digital Product Passport in Maritime Decarbonization. Henrik Hvid Jensen, Henrik Somn-Friese, Steffen Foldager Jensen, and Nicolo Aurisano
Sustainable Finance in the Maritime Sector. Maarten L. Biermans, Willem Bulthuis, Tobias Holl, and Boris van Overbeeke
Part V Case Studies: Selected Maritime Decarbonization Initiatives
Actions Being Taken by Key Segments to Meet the Decarbonization Targets. Kris Kosmala
Maritime Decarbonization - Actions by Cargo Owners: The Shippers’ Perspective. Philip Evans and Audrey Macnab
Practical Decarbonization Actions Being Taken by the Shipping Companies. Teemu Manderbacka and Ulla Tapaninen
Identifying the Best Low-Emission Carriers. Peter Sand, Emily Stausbpll, Dayna Goldman, and Torbjom Rydbergh
Actions by Ports to Support Green Maritime Operations: A Real Case Study—The Port of Plymouth, UK. Stavros Karamperidis, Dogancan Okumus, Dogancan Uzun, Sefer Anil Gunbeyaz, and Osman Turan
Towards Ports as Energy Nodes: Strengthening Micro Energy Systems. Mikael Lind, Sandra Haraldson, Wolfgang Lehmaeher, Zeeshan Raza, EUinor Forsstrom, Linda Astner, Jeremy B. Bentham, Xiuju Fu, Jimmy Suroto, and Phanthian Zuesongdam
Decarbonization in Shipyard Cities: A Holistic Approach to Sustainability Assessment. Seyedvahid Vakili
Ship Engine, Equipment and Fuel Options for Decarbonization. Matteo Natali and Rui Rego
Decarbonization Action by Energy Companies. Steve Esau and Jeremy B. Bentham
Decarbonization Support from Digital Solutions Providers. Pekka Pakkanen and Roberto Vettor
The In-House Production of Biofuel by Shipping Companies: A Case Study. Mia Hytti, Petri Rautanen, Jessica Saari. Minna Suuronen, and Riinu Walls
Establishing Green Shipping Corridors to Accelerate the Use of Alternative Fuels. Johan Byskov Svendsen, Elizabeth Petit, Martha Selwyn, and Anne Katrine Bjerregaard
The Getting to Zero Coalition Story. Mette Asmussen, Randall Krantz, and Ingrid Sidenvall Jegou
Part VI Concluding Remarks: Calling for a Holistic and Inclusive Approach
Highlights of the Book: A Menu of Possible Actions for Decarbonization Today and Tomorrow. Wolfgang Lehmacher, Mikael Lind, Gavin Allwright, Jeremy B. Bentham, David Cummins, Theo Notteboom, Johan Byskov Svendsen, Kirsi Tikka, and Louise De Tremerie
The Destination: A Vision of a Climate Neutral Future. Wolfgang Lehmacher, Mikael Lind, Lars Jensen, and Louise De Tremerie

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