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Legal Handbook Shipmaster/ Юридический справочник капитана

Артикул: 00-01092279
в желания В наличии
Автор: P. Kruit
Издательство: NVKK (все книги издательства)
ISBN: 978-90-9032668-9
Год: 2024
Формат: А4 (210x290 мм)
Переплет: Твердая обложка
Страниц: 526
Вес: 1464 г
10200 P
Legal Handbook Shipmaster 2023 / Юридический справочник капитана 2023 (3000 руб.)

Книга на английском языке
The main goal of the Netherlands Shipmasters' Association (Nederlandse Vereniging van Kapiteins ter Koopvaardij, NVKK) is to improve the safety at sea on board, while protecting the environment and the interests of masters and merchant shipping in general.
In April 1960, the NVKK published 'Enforcement of authority on board merchant ships' to provide the Shipmaster with legal tools to guide him/her in maintaining command on board.
A growing need for legal knowledge on board and the international nature of the maritime sector made it necessary to publish an up-to-date edition in the English language. In October 2013, the NVKK published the first edition of the 'Legal Handbook Shipmaster' in the English language. Over the years this publication has been received with great interest by a wide audience in the maritime sector, including masters, ship owners, authorities, students, and many other stakeholders.
The fast changing and increasingly complex maritime legal environment and availability of modern communication technology made it necessary to update the 'Legal Handbook Shipmaster'. This second edition comes in a digital format, which allows frequent updates in the NVKK website.

Part 1 General
Chapter 1 Introducing rules
Chapter 2 International law
Chapter 3 National law
Chapter 4 Enforcement
Chapter 5 Accountable/responsible/liable
Chapter 6 Risks
Chapter 7 Legal maritime subjects
Part 2 Shipmaster & crew
Chapter 8 Shipmaster
Chapter 9 Shipmanager
Chapter 10 Shipmaster’s overriding authority
Chapter 11 Personnel/crew
Chapter 12 Labour circumstances
Chapter 13 Living circumstance
Chapter 14 Work- and resting hours
Chapter 15 Crew’s health
Chapter 16 Complaints
Chapter 17 Rights and duties seafarers
Chapter 18 Third persons on board
Chapter 19 Registrar/notary
Chapter 20 Criminal law enforcement
Chapter 21 Maritime Disciplinary Court
Part 3 Shipmaster & ship
Chapter 22 Ship
Chapter 23 Foreign coastal state
Chapter 24 Safety
Chapter 25 Security
Chapter 26 Piracy
Chapter 27 Towing and salvage
Chapter 28 Marine casualties
Chapter 29 Environment
Chapter 30 Safety Board
Part 4 Shipmaster & cargo
Chapter 31 Cargo
Chapter 32 Dangerous goods
Chapter 33 Shipping documents
Chapter 34 Cargo damage
Chapter 35 Insurances

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