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Handbook Of Coastal And Ocean Engineering/Справочник по прибрежной и океанологической инженерии

Артикул: 00-01091175
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Автор: Y.C. Kim
Издательство: World Scientific Publishing (все книги издательства)
Место издания: London
ISBN: 978-981-281-929-1
Год: 2010
Формат: А4 (210x290 мм)
Переплет: Твердая обложка
Страниц: 1190
Вес: 3314 г
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Книга на английском языке
This handbook contains a comprehensive compilation of topics that are at the forefront of many of the technical advances in ocean waves, coastal, and ocean engineering. More than 70 internationally recognized authorities in the field of coastal and ocean engineering have contributed articles on their areas of expertise to this handbook. These international luminaries are from highly respected universities and renowned research and consulting organizations from all over the world.This handbook provides a comprehensive overview of shallow-water waves, water level fluctuations, coastal and offshore structures, port and harbors, coastal sediment processes, environmental problems, coastal hazards, physical modeling, and other issues in coastal and ocean engineering. It is an essential reference for professionals and researchers in the areas of coastal engineering, ocean engineering, oceanography, and meteorology, as well as an invaluable text for graduate students in these fields.

Section 1: Shallow-Water Waves
1. Wave Setup R. G. Dean and T. L. Walton
2. Wavemaker Theories R. T. Hudspeth and R. B. Guenther
3. Analyses by the Melnikov Method of Damped Parametrically Excited Cross Waves R. B. Guenther and R. T. Hudspeth
4. Random Wave Breaking and Nonlinearity Evolution Across the Surf Zone Y. Goda
5. Aeration and Bubbles in the Surf Zone N. Mori, S. Kakuno and D. T. Cox
6. Freak Wave N. Mori
7. Short-Term Wave Statistics A. Kimura
Section 2: Water-Level Fluctuations
8. Generation and Prediction of Seiches in Rotterdam Harbor Basins M. P. C. de Jong and J. A. Battjcs
9. Seiches and Harbor Oscillations A. B. Rabinovich
10. Finite Difference Model for Practical Simulation of Distant Tsunamis S. B. Yoon
Section 3: Coastal Structures
11. Tsunami-Induced Forces on Structures I. Nistor, D. Palermo, Y. Noun, T. Murty and M. Saatcioglu
12. Nonconventional Wave Damping Structures H. Oumeraci
13. Wave Interaction with Breakwaters Including Perforated Walls K.-D. Suh
14. Prediction of Overtopping
J. van der Meer, T. Pullen, W. Allsop, T. Bruce, H. Schuttrumpf and A. Kortenhaus
15. Wave Run-Up and Wave Overtopping at Armored Rubble Slopes and Mounds H. Schuttrumpf, J. van der Meer, A. Kortenhaus, T. Bruce and L. Franco
16. Wave Overtopping at Vertical and Steep Structures T. Bruce, J. van dcr Meer, T. Pullen and W. Allsop
17. Surf Parameters for the Design of Coastal Structures D. H. Yoo
18. Development of Caisson Breakwater Design Based on Failure Experiences S. Takahashi
19. Design of Alternative Revetments K. Pilarezyk
20. Remarks on Coastal Stabilization and Alternative Solutions K. Pilarezyk
21. Geotextile Sand Containers for Shore Protection H. Oumeraci and J. Recio
22. Low Crested Breakwaters A. Lambcrti and B. Zanuttigh
23. Hydrodynamic Behavior of Net Cages in the Open Sea Y.-C Li
Section 4: Offshore Structures
24. State of Offshore Structure Development and Design Challenges S. Chakrabarti
Section 5: Ports and Harbors
25. Computer Modeling for Harbor Planning and Design J.-J. Lee and X. Xing
26. Prediction of Squat for Underkeel Clearance M. J. Briggs. M. Vantorre, K. Uliczka and P. Debaillon
Section 6: Coastal Sediment Processes
27. Wave-Induced Resuspension of Fine Sediment M. Jain and A. J. Metha
28. Suspended Sand and Bedload Transport on Beaches N. К Obayashi. A. Pay о and B. D. Johnson
29. Headland-Bay Beaches for Recreation and Shore Protection J. R.-C. Hsu, M. M.-J. Yu, F.-C. Lee and R. Silvester
30. Beach Nourishment R. G. Dean and J. D. Rosati
31. Engineering of Tidal Inlets and Morphologic Consequences N. C. Kraus
Section 7: Environmental Problems
32. Water and Nutrients Flow in the Enclosed Bays ... Y. Koibuchi and M. Isobc
Section 8: Sustainable Coastal Development
33. Socioeconomic and Environmental Risk in Coastal and Ocean Engineering M. A. Losada, A. Baquerizo, M. Ortcga-Sanchez, J. M. Santiago and E. Sanchez-Badorrcy
34. Utilization of the Coastal Area H.-H. Hwung
Section 9: Coastal Hazards
35. Ocean Wave Climates: Trends and Variations Due to Earth’s Changing Climate P. D. Komar, J. C. Allan and P. Ruggiero
36. Sea Level Rise: Major Implications to Coastal Engineering and Coastal Management L. Ewing
37. Sea Level Rise and Coastal Erosion M. J. F. Stive, R. Ranasinghc and P. J. Cowell
38. Coastal Flooding: Analysis and Assessment of Risk P. Prinos and P. Galiatsatou
Section 10: Physical Modeling
39. Physical Modeling of Tsunami Waves M. J. Briggs, H. Yeh and D. T. Cox
40. Laboratory Simulation of Waves E. P. D. Mansard and M. D. Miles
Section 11: Coastal Engineering Practice and Education
41. Perspective on Coastal Engineering Practice and Education J. W. Kamphuis

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