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Handbook for Marine Radio Communication/Руководство по морской радиосвязи

Артикул: 00-01090929
в желания В наличии
Автор: G.W. Lees, W.G. Williamson
Издательство: Informa Law from Routledge (все книги издательства)
Место издания: New York
ISBN: 978-0-367-77422-6
Год: 2022
Формат: А4 (210x290 мм)
Переплет: Твердая обложка
Страниц: 328
Вес: 985 г
2300 P

Книга на английском языке
In 1988 the International Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) Convention of 1974 was amended to include a new chapter IV. This introduced the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS), which is now a well-established communication system. This new system introduced automatic distress-alerting techniques utilizing both terrestrial and satellite communications.
In the GMDSS, greater emphasis is placed on ship-to-shore distress alerting while retaining the traditional ship-to-ship distress alerting method of former times. Under existing international agreements, ships are still obliged to assist vessels known to be in distress. However, within the GMDSS, rescue authorities ashore now assume the primary role of coordinating rescue operations at sea. The advantage of using automatic communication systems for alerting shore authorities during emergencies is that it dispenses with the need for manual aural watch keeping.

Preface to the seventh edition
About the authors
Tables and figures
Acronyms and abbreviations
Glossary of terms and definitions
Sources of information consulted in the production of this publication
Chapter 1 Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS)
Chapter 2 Distress Urgency and Safety Communications
Part I: Operational Procedures for Distress, Urgency and Safety Communications in GMDSS
Part II: Use of Frequencies for Distress for Distress, Urgency, and Safety
Chapter 3 Digital Selective Calling (DSC)
Part I DSC Distress, Urgency, and Safety Alerting
Part II – Routine DSC Calling Procedure
Chapter 4 Safety-Related Equipment and Services
Chapter 5 Satellite Communications
Part I: Inmarsat Satellite Communications
Part II: Iridium Satellite Communications
Part III: Future of Maritime Satellite Communication Systems, Including the Beidou Messaging Service System (BDMSS)
Chapter 6 Rediotelex and Data Services
Chapter 7 Radiotelephony (RT)
Chapter 8 General Regulations
Chapter 9 Electronic Navigation and Vessel Reporting Systems
Chapter 10 Certification

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