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Merchant ships’ seaworthiness. Law and practice/Мореходность торговых судов. Законодательство и практика

Артикул: 00-01090096
в желания В наличии
Автор: Xiankai Zhan, Pengfei Zhang
Издательство: Informa Law from Routledge (все книги издательства)
ISBN: 978-1-032-24738-0
Год: 2023
Переплет: Твердая обложка
Страниц: 284
Вес: 863 г
2400 P

Книга на английском языке
Over 80 per cent of world trade by volume are carried by merchant ships, without which the global economy cannot function effectively. Therefore, the maritime industry has an essential role to play in world economic growth and sustainable development. To ensure that the maritime industry remains effective, safe, and environmentally friendly, it is crucial to make sure that all ships meet certain minimum standards in terms of safety, maintenance, crew competence and training, and so on; otherwise, enormous consequences could result from the failure to do so, such as loss of life, oil pollution, increases in insurance premiums, and instability of the commercial industry. It is here where the issue of ship seaworthiness comes to light.

Chapter 1 Introduction
1.1 The historical development of seaworthiness
1.2 The obligation of seaworthiness under the Hague/Hague–Visby Rules
1.3 The obligation under British Marine Insurance
1.4 Clear seaworthiness provisions in the charter
1.4.1 Time charter
1.4.2 Voyage charters
Chapter 2 Seaworthiness of the vessel
2.1 The meaning of seaworthiness under common law
2.2 Seaworthiness of the ship
2.3 Structure
2.4 Vessel broke in two and sank
2.5 Main engine breakdown
2.6 Vessel’s boiler
2.7 Breakage of propeller blades
2.8 Broken tailshaft
2.9 Steering gear
2.10 Reduction gear breakdown
2.11 Broken rivet points
2.11.1 Not necessary to check each
2.11.2 Exercise due diligence
2.11.3 Failure to exercise due diligence
2.12 Inadequacy of the stern doors
2.13 Gear
2.13.1 Gear’s power failure
2.13.2 Ramshorn hooks
2.13.3 Mainmast collapsed
2.14 Radar
2.15 Compass
2.16 Ship spare parts
2.16.1 Unsuitable spare parts
2.16.2 Insufficient spare part
2.17 Anchor
2.18 Hatch cover/coaming
2.18.1 Hatch cover not watertight
2.19 Fuel oil
2.19.1 Insufficient fuel
2.19.2 Incompatible fuel oils
2.19.3 Bad-quality coal causes boiler damage
2.19.4 Lubricating oil
2.19.5 Failure of bunkering
Chapter 3 Cargoworthiness
3.1 Cargoworthiness
3.2 Contamination
3.3 Discoloration of cargo
3.4 Crude oil washing system
3.5 Tank cleaning system
3.6 Heating coils
3.7 Hatch cover leakage
3.8 Cargo hold leakage
3.9 Ballast tank leakage
3.10 Damage to frozen meat
3.11 Sludge tank
3.12 Cargo residues
3.13 Infested
3.14 Plague
3.15 COVID-19
Chapter 4 Cargo stowage
4.1 No tween deck bad stowage
4.2 Overloaded
4.3 Faulty stowage and reinsurance
4.4 Failure tarpaulin
4.5 List lost stability
4.6 Improper stowage
4.7 Bad stow and list
4.8 Ventilation/apples
4.9 Ventilation/potatoes
4.10 Condensation/burden of proof
4.11 Improper lashing
4.12 Howsoever arising or cause
4.13 Deck cargo/howsoever
Chapter 5 Fire
5.1 Introduction
5.2 Cotton caught on fire
5.3 Ventilation system
5.4 Dangerous cargo under deck
5.5 Fire in engine room
5.6 C/E deliberately setting fire
5.7 Unseaworthy when catching fire
5.8 Lack of due diligence
5.9 Explosion
Chapter 6 Crew and spare parts
6.1 Introduction
6.2 Ballast system lack of instruction
6.3 Stevedores stealing storm vale cover
6.4 Giving the stern order too late
6.5 Deviation
6.6 Incompetent second engineer
6.7 Inefficiency of crew
6.8 Insufficiency of crew
6.9 Negligence of engineer
6.10 A negligent of lookout
6.11 Non-delegable obligation
6.12 Crew incompetent
6.13 Absence of the glass panel
6.14 Overloading the vessel
6.15 Uncertificated officer and manning the vessel
6.16 Meaning of ship management
6.17 Repudiation of a time charter for crew unseaworthiness
Chapter 7 Vessel’s certificates and documents
7.1 Introduction
7.2 Embargo
7.3 Swedish measurement certificate
7.4 Up-to-date charts
7.5 Chart discrepancies and grounding
7.6 Out-of-date charts
7.7 Passage plan
7.8 Deratisation certificate
7.9 RightShip approval
7.10 ITF
7.11 Documents

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