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2023 International Conference on Marine Equipment & Technology and Sustainable Development/Международная конференция 2023 года по морскому оборудованию, технологиям и устойчивому развитию морской отрасли

Артикул: 00-01057102
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Автор: Desen Yang
Издательство: Springer (все книги издательства)
Место издания: Singapore
Серия: Lecture Notes in Civil Engineering (Все книги серии)
ISBN: 978-981-99-4290-9
Год: 2023
Переплет: Твердая обложка
Страниц: 1255
Вес: 3275 г
13500 P

Книга на английском языке.
This book contains original, peer-reviewed, and selected research papers that were presented at the 2023 International Conference on Marine Equipment & Technology and Sustainable Development, which took place in Beijing, China on April 1st 2023. The papers cover a range of topics, including but not limited to: the vision and goals of building a maritime community with a shared future, marine machinery and transportation, marine ecology, environmental protection and conservation, marine safety, future ships and marine equipment, marine engineering, marine information and technology, maritime policy, and global governance.
The papers included in this volume provide the latest findings on methodologies, algorithms, and applications in marine equipment and technology, as well as sustainable development. As a result, this book is an invaluable resource for researchers, engineers, and university students who are interested in these fields.

Investigation on Pile Driving Noise Production and Mitigation Through Bubble Curtain
Research on Command and Control of Maritime Emergency Rescue Based on Big Data
Multidisciplinary Design Optimization Investigation of Air-Cooled Turbine Blade for Marine Gas Turbine
A Joint Search and Rescue Planning Method at Sea Considering Vanished Position Offset
Study on Multiple Crack Interactions in Brittle Materials for Ocean Engineering Using Peridynamics
Wireless Optical High-Speed Communication Connecting Technology for Underwater Unmanned Vehicles
Network Risks and Countermeasures for Smart Ship
Research on Team Cooperation in Ship Control Room Based on Team Cognitive Work Analysis
Prediction of the Hydrogen Affected S-N Curve Based on MLP-Regressor Model for Type 316 Stainless Steel
A Lighthouse Platform Visible Light Shore-Sea Long-Distance Communication System
Research on Security Assessment Model of Marine Information System Based on Machine Learning
Study on Hydrodynamic and Cavitation Performance of Fully Submerged Hydrofoil Boat
The Axial Heat Transfer Behavior Based Upon Taylor Vortex in Annular Fluid Flow with Rotating Inner Cylinder
ASW Performance Evaluation on Column Formation UAV Swarms
Response Analysis of a Free-Floating Thin Ice Plate Under Wave Action
Optimal Design and Analysis of Hydraulic Integrated Valve Plate of Subsea Control Module
Numerical Study of Flow Field Similarity Problem for High Speed Water Entry of Navigating Body in Different Test Environments
Investigation on the Damage of Stiffened Double Cylindrical Shells Under the Explosive Loads of Shaped Charge
Domestic and Foreign Development of Manned Submersibles with Transparent Pressure Hull
Investigation on Hydrodynamic Performance of the Integrated Propulsor Under Crashback Modes
Research and Application of Inertial Demister: An Overview
The Study of the Motion of the Satellite Launching Platform with Different Shape of Pontoons
Feasibility Study of Fuel Cell Application in Power System of LNG Vessel
Application of Mairtime Unmanned Equipment Systems: A Review
The Logical Basis Point, Value of the Times and Practical Path of Building a Maritime Community of Shared Future
Structural Design and Optimization Method of Box-Type Stool for Super Large Offshore Floating Liquid Cargo Unit
Comparative Analysis of the Performance of Bent Bracket and Traditional Stiffener Welded Bracket
AUV Applications and Technologies of Deep Sea Exploration in the Arctic: A Review
Simulation Studies on Sonar Target Resolving Based on Conventional Beamforming Method
Adaptive Tracking Control for Underwater Vehicle Manipulator System via a Terminal Sliding Mode and Barrier Function
Experimental Validation of the Optimal Dynamic Positioning
Control for Work-Class Remote Operated Vehicle
Influence of Numerical Methods on Simulation Results of Aerodynamic Performance of Marine Wave-Plate Mist Eliminator
Design of Integrated Control Unit for Water Jet Propulsion Device Based on CAN Bus and MCU
Explosion Hazard Analysis and Safety Design on Hydrogen Supply System of Nuclear Power Platform
Analysis of Inherent Characteristics and Parameter Sensitivity of Two-Stage Series Planetary Gear Transmission
Method of Formation Path Planning Based on Heading Information Fusion for Oil-Spill Recovery
Threat Targets Clustering Method of Unmanned Surface Vessel Cluster for Merchant Ship Escort
Numerical Simulation and Response of a Composite Mine Countermeasure Ship Section Subjected to Noncontact Underwater Explosion
Analysis of Wet Clutch Drag Torque and Optimization of Drag Torque Reduction Measures
A Study of Multi-decadal Sea Surface Temperature Variability Based on CMIP5 and Reanalysis Data
Review of Marine Satellite Launch Platform and Related Study at JUST
Ionospheric Clutter Suppression Method for HF Surface Wave Radar Based on Time-Frequency Image Processing
Mathematical Modelling and Online Measurement of Tribo-dynamics in Marine Engines
Time Series Model to Predict the Instantaneous Speed of Internal Combustion Engine
Effect of Pore Blockage on Transpiration Cooling of Marine Turbine Blades
Research on Remote Sensing Sample Expansion Technology Based on Generative Adversarial Network
Effect of Shaft System Arrangements on Ship-Engine-Propeller Matching
Research on Self-blackbody Thermal Conductivity Sensor Technology Based on GO/CNT
Study on Health Status Assessment Method of Injector Based on Hierarchical Weighted Permutation Entropy and Hidden Markov Model
Design and Research of Monitoring and Security Control System for Marine Gas-Electric Hybrid Power System
Review of Theory and Experiment for Underwater Propulsion
Equilibrium Control Strategy for Twelve-Phase Permanent Magnet Motor Control System
Design of Portable and Fast Virus Detection System for Port Environment
Dual Closed-Loop Control Strategy Using Continuous
Nonsingular Terminal Sliding Mode Control for Marine Natural Gas Engine
A Review of Control Strategies for Hybrid Ships Energy Management System
Numerical Simulation on Extreme Water Waves by Using New HLIGN-3 Deep Water Equations
Review of the Current Status of Marine Green Ammonia Industry Chain
Study on the Influence of Structural Parameters of Hydrocyclone for Ship Ballast Water on Separation Characteristics
Evaluation and Construction of Index System of Intelligent Unmanned Surface Vessels
Study on Crack Propagation Rate Model of Ni-Cr-MoV Marine High-Strength Steel Considering Load Ratio Effect
Design and Dynamic Simulation of Liquified Natural Gas Supply System of Marine Engine
Matching of Waste Heat Recovery Unit and Ship Propulsion System
Modelling a Mean Value Model of Large Marine Low Speed Diesel Engine to Predict the Engine Dynamic Performance
A Method for Fault Diagnosis of Low-Speed Diesel Engines in Marine Vessels by Using Intelligent Algorithms
Study on Cold Extrusion Strengthening Effect of 7050 Aluminum Alloy Plate Based on Split-Sleeve Technology
Simulation Analysis for Titanium Alloy Double-Hole Plates Cold Extrusion Based on Open Seam Bushing
Active Sonar Waveform Parameter Design for Clutter Suppressing Based on Reverberation Doppler-Statistic Method
WiFi Based Vigilant Activity Recognition for Ship-Bridge Watchkeeping Officers
Fault Simulation and Analysis of Marine Low Speed Diesel Engine Based on GT-Power
Numerical Study on the Influence of Strut Geometry on the Unsteady Hydrodynamic Performance of Tunnel Thruster
LSTM-Based Prediction Control of Free-Surface Tank
Effect of Wave Phases on Supercavitation Flow Field and Dynamic Characteristics of High-Speed Projectiles
Numerical Simulation of a Damaged Salvage Ship in Beam Wave with Reynolds-Averaged Navier-Stokes Method
Development History and Technical Status of Polar Ships
Adaptive Frequency Invariant Beamformer Design for Wideband Planar Array
Research on 3D Reconstruction of X-tree Valve Operation Handle Based on AKAZE Algorithm
Research on Asymmetric Load Control Strategy of Off-Grid Photovoltaic Inverter in Island Environment
Research on Future Green and Low-Carbon Marine Engine Technology Path
Paradigm Shift of the Maritime Safety Communication: Optimizing the Layout of Coast Station Services
The Application Status and Development Trend of Artificial Intelligence in Ship Fields of China
Analysis of Cable Crosstalk in Metal Wire Slot of USV
Future Ship Development Prospect in the View of Hybrid Power
Scalable Multi-fuel Control System Architecture for Marine Internal Combustion Engine
Study on the Modeling of Navigator Agent for Marine Engine Management Simulation System
The Influence of Bio-Inspired Surface Textures on the Tribological Behavior of Cylinder Liner-Piston Rings
Design of Buffer Station for Pipe Continuous Transportation System in Deep-Sea Mining
The Estimation Method of the Range of the SHIP’s Local Damage in Near-Field Underwater Explosion
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