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Addressing the Wreck of the MV Miner/Крушение канадского лейкера MV Miner

Артикул: 00-01046332
в желания В наличии
Автор: Diane Connors, L. Kris MacLellan, Julie Sylvestre, Yue Yao
Издательство: Dalhousie University (все книги издательства)
Место издания: Canada
Год: 2012
Переплет: Мягкая обложка
Страниц: 88
Вес: 211 г
1600 P

Книга на английском языке.
The grounding of the MV Miner on Scatarie Island presents many implications pertaining to the global shipping industry and local impacts experienced in Canada. This report looks at both the local and systemic problems inherent in dealing with the disposal of large vessels, with particular focus on their relation to the case of the MV Miner and the wider Canadian context.

Executive Summary
1. Background
2. The MV Miner and Travelling Toxic Technologies
2.1 Scatarie Island
2.2 From Building to Breaking: Life Cycle Analysis of a Ship
2.3 Ships as Hazards: Background
2.4 Shipbuilding: The Genesis of a Ship
2.5 Shipbreaking and Environmental Impacts
2.6 What’s in a ship?
2.7 Biocidal Paint: A Toxic Legacy
2.8 The Bulk on the Beach: Concluding Remarks on the MV Miner
3. Introduction to Law and Policy
3.1 Provincial Jurisdiction
3.2 Crown Lands Act
3.3 Wilderness Area Protection Act
3.4 Emergency Spill Regulations
3.5 Federal Jurisdiction
3.6 Admiralty Law
3.7 Definitions and Legal Status
3.8 Possible Federal Action
3.9 Derelict Vessels in Canada
3.10 The Legislative Gap
3.11 Proposed Solutions for Derelict Vessels
3.12 Addressing Gaps and Loopholes
3.13 International Transboundary Movement of Decommissioned Vessels for Dismantling
3.14 Basel Convention
3.15 Aliaga Scrap yard and ESM
3.16 The MV Miner as Emblematic
3.17 Tort and Case Law
3.18 Law and Policy: Concluding Remarks on the MV Miner
4. Human Dimensions of the MV Miner
4.1 The Global Community: Human Rights Issues and Shipbreaking
4.2 Poverty, Dependency, and Dirty Work
4.3 Human Health Hazards of Shipbreaking
4.4 Turning a Blind–Eye: Global Responsibility?
4.5 Analyzing Socio–Economic Factors Influencing the Cost of Shipwreck Removal
4.6 Relevant Shipwrecks
4.7 Case Studies
4.8 American Star and the MV New Carissa: Scenarios for the MV Miner
4.9 The MV Miner as Contested Place: Discrepancies in Risk Perception
4.10 Differing Perspectives
4.11 Scientific Perception of Risk
4.12 Political Perception of Risk
4.13 Public Perception of Risk
4.14 Managing Risk
4.15 Evaluating Levels of Citizen Participation and Deliberative Democracy in Main-a-Dieu
4.16 Theoretical Underpinnings
4.17 Citizen Participation and Deliberative Democracy in Main-a-Dieu?
4.18 The Nature of the Issue
4.19 Social Liability for Environmental Damage
4.20 Main-a-Dieu, Deepwater Horizon, and Exxon Valdez
4.21 Perception of Threat and True Sustainability
4.22 Socio–political Dimensions: Concluding Remarks on the MV Miner
5. Final Thoughts
6. Recommendations
7. References
8. Appendices
Appendix 1: Restricted land use areas in SHACI Unit 11
Appendix 2: Known areas of lobster bottom in SHACI Unit 11
Appendix 3: Rock crab distribution in SHACI Unit 11
Appendix 4: Scallop habitat in SHACI Unit 11
Appendix 5: Seal haulout locations in SHACI Unit 11
Appendix 6: Table of Common Hazards

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