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Zero Carbon Outlook/Переход к нулевым выбросам углерода

Артикул: 00-01045545
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Издательство: ABS (все книги издательства)
Место издания: USA
Год: 2022
Переплет: Мягкая обложка
Страниц: 128
Вес: 322 г
2800 P

Книга на английском языке.
Hydrogen fosters cross-value chain collaboration by bringing different stakeholders together which will also help the maritime sector achieve net-zero goals. The associated regulatory pathways will evolve alongside as it influences ship design, technology and operations.
In recognition of this goal, ABS is exploring the two energy transition value chains in this fourth in the series of Setting the Course to Low Carbon Shipping publications.
This publication examines how the maritime sector will be impacted based on the latest trends and developments out of the IMO, technology readiness of low carbon and alternative fuels and the hydrogen and carbon value chain accelerators. It also examines the possible capacity demand and related emissions output trends on a global basis to envision the environments in which targets may be achieved through the prism of those value chains.
This publication is offered solely to help industry stakeholders make informed decisions and to assist in comprehending the complexity of the task-at-hand and moving forward effectively as they evaluate their options for a transition to low-carbon operations and subsequently a zero-carbon future for shipping.

Current Market Outlook
2.1 Current State Of The Market
2.2 Zero-Carbon Future Of The Global Shipping Industry
2.3 Addressing Future Climate Risks
Overview Of Two Emerging Value Chains: Hydrogen And Carbon
3.1 Exploring The Hydrogen Value Chain And Hydrogen-Based Fuels
3.2 Net-Zero Approach For Hydrogen In Shipping
3.3 Role Of Carbon Capture And Storage
3.4 Role Of Drop-In Transition Fuels
3.5 The Role Of Energy Storage
Carbon Markets And Pricing Mechanisms
4.1 Global Carbon Pricing
4.2 Taxing Carbon And Subsidizing Alternative Energy Solutions
4.3 Anatomy Of Emissions Trading Systems
4.4 Promoting Cooperation And Breaking Impasse
4.5 Decarbonizing The Marine And Offshore Industries Through Carbon Pricing
4.6 The Role Of Carbon Offsets In Achieving Net-Zero Emissions
Scaling Alternative Energies And Driving Momentum
5.1 Alternative Energies: Scaling Up The Value Chain
5.2 New Bunkering Infrastructure To Support The Momentum
5.3 The Role Of Sustainable Finance Instruments
5.4 Value-Chain Enablers
5.5 Update Of Future Fuel Mix
5.6 Green Corridors

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