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AIDA2 Freediving Manual/Руководство по фридайвингу

Артикул: 00-01043133
в желания В наличии
Автор: Oli Christen
Издательство: AIDA (все книги издательства)
Место издания: France
Год: 2015
Переплет: Мягкая обложка
Страниц: 110
Вес: 553 г
2800 P

Книга на английском языке.
The most comprehensive course for beginner freedivers.
In this comprehensive beginner course you will be introduced to the most up to date techniques how to prepare yourself for freediving by consciously relaxing your body and your mind. Sets of stretching and breathing exercises will help you to gain a whole new experience of your body. We will also talk about how to choose your equipment and all the other factors you need to consider in order to have an enjoyable freediving session. You will learn how to assist a freediving buddy in trouble and thus become a reliable buddy.The AIDA2 Open Water Freediver Course with Freedive Flow on Gili Air is a very rewarding experience for beginners. For those who are already confident in the open water, this course is a great starting point. The course builds a foundation of good technique, so that you can dive safely and buddy with other trained freedivers.

Chapter 1 Introduction to Freediving
1.1 Freediving is...
1.2 AIDA International
Chapter 2 Introduction to AIDA2
2.1 Paperwork
Chapter 3 Freedive Breathing Cycle
3.1 Relaxation Phase
3.2 One Full Breath
3.3 Breath Hold
3.4 Recovery breathing
Chapter 4 Basic Physiology of Freediving
4.1 The Respiratory System
4.2 The Circulatory System
4.3 The Mechanics of Breathing
4.4 The Regulation of Breathing
4.5 Hyperventilation
4.6 Safely prolong Dives
Chapter 5 Equalisation
5.1 Pressure
5.2 Air Spaces
5.3 Equalisation Technique
5.4 Facilitate Equalisation
Chapter 6 Freedive Technique
6.1 Duck dive
6.2 Finning technique
6.3 The Descent
6.4 The Turn
6.5 The Ascent
6.6 Surface and Recovery
Chapter 7 Safety in Freediving
7.1 The Buddy System
7.2 Static Buddying
7.3 Signs of a freediver in need of help
7.4 Loss of Motor Control (LMC)
7.5 Blackout (BO)
7.6 Rescue a Freediver
7.7 Risk Reduction
7.8 Freediving and Scuba
Chapter 8 Equipment for Freediving
8.1 Mask
8.2 Fins
8.3 Snorkel
8.4 Weight belt
8.5 Wetsuit
8.6 Lanyard
8.7 Freedive Buoy
Chapter 9 Freediving Disciplines
9.1 Static Apnea (STA)
9.2 Dynamic Apnea (DYN, DNF)
9.3 Free Immersion (FIM)
9.4 Constant Weight (CWT, CNF)
9.5 Variable Weight (VWT)
9.6 No Limits (NLT)
Chapter 10 Freediver Code of Conduct
Appendix A Knowledge Review

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