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Managing Health and Safety in Fishing/Управление охраной труда и безопасностью на рыбалке

Артикул: 00-01042852
в желания В наличии
ISBN: 978-1-84496-206-8
Год: 2014
Переплет: Мягкая обложка
Страниц: 95
Вес: 223 г
1500 P

Издание на английском языке
Internationally the sea fishing sector is recognised worldwide as the most hazardous industry to work in, accounting for significantly higher rates of fatal and/or serious accidents when compared to other sectors such as agriculture or construction. Sadly, each year within the industry the same accidents tend to reoccur often arising from fatigue, poor decision making, taking chances or not following basic precautions such as heeding weather forecasts, wearing Personal Flotation Devices or guarding and maintaining machinery. It is difficult to measure the degree of suffering and hardship that the victims of accidents and their families endure.

1. About this Guidance Document
2. Who’s Who in Fishing Safety
3. Occupational Health and Safety Legislation
4. Causes of Injury and Ill-health in Fishing.
5. Managing Safety, Health and Welfare in Fishing
6. Common Hazards
7. Health of Fishermen
8. Emergency Plans and First Aid
9. Fire and Fire Prevention
10. Information, Instruction, Training and Supervision
11. Maintenance
12. Vulnerable Workers
13. Personal Protective Equipment, Working Gear, Lifejackets and Personal Flotation Devices
14. Fishing Operations
15. Working Alone (Single Handed Operations)
16. Potting
17. Netting/Jigging/Trolling/Longlining
18. Trawling
19. Dredging
20. Handling the Catch
21. Landing and Port Operations
22. Investigation and Reporting of Accidents

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