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Power boilers/Энергетические котлы

Артикул: 00-01012582
в желания В наличии
Автор: Martin D. Bernstein, Lloyd W. Yoder
Издательство: ASME (все книги издательства)
Место издания: New York
ISBN: 978-0-7918-5967-4
Год: 2011
Переплет: Мягкая обложка
Страниц: 333
Вес: 831 г
4800 P

Книга на английском языке.
A completely revised and updated edition of the classic and comprehensive guide to the construction rules for power boilers their intent, application, and interpretation. This unique guide provides expert advice and useful information for design engineers, project managers, architect engineers, manufacturing engineers, boiler operators, insurance inspectors, and other power boiler professionals. Includes explanation and use of the other Sections of the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code that affect construction. With chapters on boiler life extension and repairs and alteration of boilers under the rules of the National Board Inspection Code.

List of Figures
List of Tables
Chapter 1
Scope of Section I, Organization and, Service Limits
The Organization of Section I
The Parts of Section I
Pressure Range of Section I Boilers
Fired Versus Unfired Boilers
The Use of Section VIII Vessels in a Section I Boiler
Standards Referenced by Section I
Chapter 2
How and Where Section I is Enforced and Effective Dates
United States and Canada
International Acceptance
Uniform Boiler and Pressure Vessel Laws Society
National Board Inspection Code
Effective Dates of the Code and Code Revisions
Chapter 3
How Material is Ordered
Using Section II
Finding and Using Design Stresses in Section II, Part D
Marking of Materials
Use of Non-Asme Material Specifications and Material Not Fully Identified
Special Concerns
Material Requirements for Boiler External Piping
Electric Resistance Welded (ERW) Materials
Nonpressure Part Materials
Material Test Reports
Strength of Materials After Fabrication
Cold Forming of Austenitic Materials
Cold Forming of Creep Strength-Enhanced Ferritic Steels
Does New Material Get Old?
Use of Materials in Inventory
Code Guidance on the Use of Old Materials
Chapter 4
Boiler Design
Design Life
Design Allowable Stresses
Design Methods
Design Loads
Distinction Between Boiler Proper Piping and Boiler External Piping
Some Design Differences: Section I Versus B31.1
Bend Design
Openings and Compensation
Ligament Design
Interpretations on Openings, Compensation, and Ligaments
Nozzle Attachment Rules
Dished Heads
Flat Heads
Interpretations on Heads
Stayed Surfaces
Supports and Attachment Lugs
Loading on Structural Attachments
Design of Pressure Relief Valve Nozzles
Thermocouple Installations
Chapter 5
Piping Design
Shock Service for Feedwater and Blowoff Piping
Pump Discharge Head
Unusually High Piping Design Pressure
Short-Term Overstress in Boiler External Piping
Hydrostatic Test of Boiler External Piping
Allowable Stress When Pressure Relief Valves Are Discharging
Feedwater Piping
Main Steam Piping
Blowoff and Blowdown Piping
Design Conditions for Blowoff and Blowdown Piping
Design Conditions for Drain Piping
Pipe Connections to the Boiler
Addition of Small Connections to Boiler Piping
Chapter 6
Tube Attachment by Expanding
Welding - Some History
Welding Rules
Qualification of Welding Procedures
Qualification of Welder Performance
Expiration and Renewal of Welding Qualifications
Transfer of Procedures and Welders to Another Organization
Welding Documentation
Welding Nonductile Materials
Welding Variables
P-Numbers, S-Numbers, F-Numbers, and A-Numbers
Design of Welded Joints
Bending Stress on Welds
Acceptance Criteria for Welds
Tube-to Header Attachment Using Partial Penetration Welds
Alignment Tolerance
Backing Rings
Postweld Heat Treatment
Test Plates
Interpretations on Welding
Volumetric Examination of Welds
Chapter 7
Nondestructive Examination and Hydrostatic Testing
Nondestructive Examination
Qualification And Certification Of NDE Personnel
Hydrostatic Testing
Welding After Hydrostatic Test
Interpretations On Hydrostatic Testing
Chapter 8
Third Party Inspection
Chapter 9
Certification by Data Reports and Stamping
Certification and Its Significance
Manufacturer’s Data Report and Certificate of Conformance Forms
The Section I Manufacturer’s Data Report And Certificate Of Conformance Forms
Completing the Manufacturer’s Data Report Forms
Distribution of the Data Report Forms
Interpretations on Use of Manufacturer’s Data Report Forms
Code Symbol Stamps and How They Are Obtained
What the Code Symbol Stamps Cover
Reapplication of an ASME Code Symbol Stamp
Interpretations on Code Symbol Stamping
Chapter 10
Quality Control System
Chapter 11
Standard Pressure Parts, Valves, and Valve Ratings
Standard Pressure Parts
Valve and Valve Ratings
Chapter 12
Pressure-Relief Valve Requirements
Overpressure Protection
Selection of Pressure-Relieving Devices
Design of Pressure-Relief Valves
Establishing and Certifying Relieving Capacities
Qualification of Pressure-relief Valve Manufacturers
Installation Guidelines
Pressure-Relief Valves in Service
Chapter 13
Feedwater Supply and Water Level Indication
Importance of Feedwater
Rules for Feedwater Supply
Tower Mounted Solar Fired Boilers
Forced-Flow Steam Generators
Low Water Level Fuel Cutoffs
Water Level Indication
Water Columns
Chapter 14
Creep and Fatigue Damage During Boiler Life
Boiler Life Extension
Chapter 15
Determination of Allowable Stresses
General Philosophy
Establishing Allowable Stresses
Penalties on Allowable Stresses
Design Stresses: Past, Present, and Future
Appendix 1 of Section II, Part D
Chapter 16
Rules Covering Boilers in Service
Jurisdictional Requirements
National Board Inspection Code
Appendix I
Evolution of the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code
Appendix II
Organization and Operation of the Boiler and Pressure Vessel Standards Committees
Organization and Responsibility
A Balance of Interests
The Code Sections and Their Related Standards Committee
The Service Committee
The Certification Committees
Committee Operations
How the Committee Does Its Work
Code Inquiries and Interpretations
Publication of Interpretations of the Code
Additions and Revisions to the Code
Code Cases
Voting at the Standards Committee (BPV I)
Due Process
Appendix III
Overview of Code Sections II to XII and Piping Codes B31.1 and B31.3
Appendix IV
Design Exercises
Design Exercise No. 1, Design of a Header
Design Exercise No. 1A, Alternative Design of Header (A-317)
Design Exercise No. 2, Design of a Head
Design Exercise No. 3, Choice of Feedwater Stop Valve
Design Exercise No. 4, Design of a Tube For Lug Loading
Design Exercise No. 5, Design of an Opening
Pg-27 Cylindrical Components Under Internal Pressure (Reproduced from ASME Section I)
PG-29 Dished Heads (Reproduced from Section I)
Appendix V
Illustrations of Various Types of Boilers
Index of Interpretations Referenced in Text, Their Major Subjects and Abstracts

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