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Advances in Acoustics and Vibration III/Достижения в области акустики и вибрации III

Артикул: 00-01010450
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Автор: Nabih Feki, Mohamed Slim Abbes, Mohamed Taktak, Mohamed Amine Ben Souf, Fakher Chaari, Mohamed Haddar
Издательство: Springer (все книги издательства)
Место издания: Switzerland
ISBN: 978-3-030-76516-3
Год: 2021
Переплет: Твердая обложка
Страниц: 297
Вес: 744 г
4800 P

Книга на английском языке.
The book provides readers with a snapshot of recent research and industrial trends in field of industrial acoustics and vibration. Each chapter, accepted after a rigorous peer-review process, reports on a selected, original piece of work presented and discussed at the Third International Conference on Acoustics and Vibration (ICAV2021), which was organized by the Tunisian Association of Industrial Acoustics and Vibration (ATAVI) and held online on March 15-16, 2021, from Sfax, Tunisia. The contributions cover advances in both theory and practice in a variety of subfields, such as: smart materials and structures; fluid-structure interaction; structural acoustics as well as computational vibro-acoustics and numerical methods. Further topics include: engines control, noise identification, robust design, flow-induced vibration and many others. This book provides a valuable resource for both academics and professionals dealing with diverse issues in applied mechanics. By combining advanced theories with industrial issues, it is expected to facilitate communication and collaboration between different groups of researchers and technology users.

Gearbox Fault Identification Under Non-Gaussian Noise and Time-Varying Operating Conditions
A Multiple-Grid Technique–Based Finite Element Solution of Free-Surface Flows in a Trapezoidal Open Channel
Rotor-Ball Bearings System Under Variable Regime
The Efficiency of the Rayleigh-Ritz Method Applied to In-Plane
Vibrations of Circular Arches Elastically Restrained at the Two Ends and Supporting Point Masses
Nonlinear Wind-Induced Response Analysis of Substation Down-Conductor System
Bending Fatigue Behaviour of a Bio-based Sandwich with Conventional and Auxetic Honeycomb Core
Thermoplastic Elium Recycling: Mechanical Behaviour and Damage Mechanisms Analysis by Acoustic Emission
Passive Control of Tensegrity Domes Using Tuned Mass Dampers, a Reliability Approach
Dynamic Analysis of a Pumping Station with Coupling Misalignment Fault
On the Unidirectional Free-Surface Flow Solution in a Rectangular Open Channel
On the Numerical Solution of the Rapidly Varied Regime in Open-Channel Flows
Controlling of Steel-Pipe-Based Hydraulic Systems Using Dual In-Series Polymeric Short-Sections
Large Strokes of a Piezocomposite Energy Harvester with Interdigitated Electrodes Accounting for Geometric and Material Nonlinearities
Transient Comprehensive Modelling Due to Pump Failure
Innovative In-Plane Converter Design for a Capacitive Energy Harvester
Dynamic Interaction Between Transmission Error and Friction Coefficients for FZG-A10 Spur Gears
Optimal Linear Quadratic Stabilization of a Magnetic Bearing System
Evaluation of the Acoustic Performance of Perforated Multilayer Absorber Materials
An Anisotropic Model with Non-associated Flow Rule to Predict HCP Sheet Metal Ductility Limit
A Model for Simulating Transients in Looped Viscoelastic Pipe Systems. Preliminary Results
Analytical Approach in the Pre-design Phase for Vibration Analysis of a Flexible Multibody System
Pressure Calculation and Fatigue of a Trans-tibial Prosthetic Socket Made from Natural Fiber Composite
Online Adaptive MFC for Nonlinear Active Half Car System
The Interaction of Different Transmission System Using the Substructuring Method
Combined Effect of Roughness Anisotropy and Roughness Parameters on the Friction Behavior Under Boundary Lubrication
A New Dynamic Model for Worm Drives
Shear-Normal Coupling Effects on Composite Shafts Dynamic Behaviour
Experimental Contact Model Calibration for Computing a Vibrating Beam Coupled to a Granular Chain Impact Damper
Numerical Analysis of Transient Flow in a Hydraulic Tree Network: Zarroug Aqueduct Network in Gafsa, Southern Tunisia
Assessment of Temperature History When Abrasive Milling of Long Fiber Reinforced Polymers
Free Vibration of Sandwich Nanobeam
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