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Cruise Ship Tourism/Туризм на круизных судах

Артикул: 00-01040102
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Автор: Edited by Ross Dowling and Clare Weeden
Издательство: CABI (все книги издательства)
Место издания: UK
ISBN: 978-1-78064-608-4
Год: 2017
Переплет: Твердая обложка
Страниц: 623
Вес: 1759 г
3800 P

Издание на английском языке
It is now a decade since the first edition of this book (Dowling, 2006) was published as one of the first in CAB International Publications’ initial foray into tourism publishing. Since that time we have witnessed the book used by researchers in many countries around the world and for teaching in both undergraduate and postgraduate courses on many continents. Over recent years we were asked to update the book by researchers, policy makers, managers and teachers, so this new edition reflects our current thinking on the subject. The first edition was born out of a passion for the world of cruising and the second continues in this same vein. As editors we have researched the subject, taught about it in university classes, been asked to speak on it at international conferences and have of course enjoyed spending time on cruise ships either as speakers, researchers or simply as passengers.

About the Editors
1 The World of Cruising. Ross Dowling and Clare Weeden
Part 1: Fundamental Principles
2 Power and Profits in the Global Cruise Industry. Michael Clancy
3 Representation without Taxation. Ross A. Klein
4 Flags of Convenience and the Global Cruise Labour Market. William C. Terry
5 Corporate Social Responsibility in the Cruise Sector. Xavier Font, Mireia Guix Navarrete and Maria Jesus Bonilla
6 Passengers and Risk: Health, Wellbeing and Liability. Ross A. Klein, Michael Luck and Jill Poulston
7 Economics of Cruise Shipping: The Need for a New Business Model. Michael P. Vogel
8 High Fees on the High Seas? The Provision of Extra-Fee Products and Services. Adam Weaver
9 Oceans Apart: Bridging the Gap between Academic Research and Professional Practice in Cruise Tourism. Alexis Papathanassis
Part 2: The Cruise Experience: People and Passengers
10 Talent Management and the Cruise Industry. Philip Gibson
11 A Sailor’s Life for Me: An Example of How One Port of Call Has Developed in the Hope of Meeting Crew Expectations. Maree Thyne and James Henry
12 Mediating the Cruise Experience. Jo-Anne Lester
13 Conceptualizing the Cruise Ship Tourist Experience. Julio Mendes and Manuela Guerreiro
14 Managing Health-related Crises in the Cruise Industry 220. Bingjie Liu and Lori Pennington-Gray
15 Cruises, Safety and Security in a Violent World. Peter E. Tarlow
Part 3: Markets, Marketing and Motivations
16 Safe, Secure and Sustainable: Attributes of a Strong Cruise Brand. Arja Lemmetyinen
17 The Image of Cruise Ship Holidays on Italian Television: A Comparative Analysis. Gabriella Polizzi and Antonino Mario Oliveri
18 Purchasing Attributes for Cruise Passengers. Sheree-Ann Adams and Xavier Font
19 Motivations and Constraints of Cruising for the US and Chinese Markets. James F. Petrick, Suiwen (Sharon) Zou and Kam Hung
20 Children and the Family Market. Claire Lambert and Ross Dowling
21 Cruising with Pride: The LGBT Cruise Market. Nigel Jarvis and Clare Weeden
22 The Changing Consumer: "Digital Cruising". Ioannis S. Pantelidis
Part 4: Impact s of Cruise Ship Tourism: Stakeholders, Politics and Power
23 Stakeholders’ Perceived Gains and Obstacles of Cruise Ship Tourism Development: The Case of La Palma Island. Abel Duarte Alonso and Nevil Alexander
24 Cruise Ships and Protected Areas in the Marine Biome: An Analysis of Tourism in the Brazilian Context. Eloise Silveira Botelho, Carla Fraga and Rodrigo Vilani
25 Sailing into Stormy Waters? Understanding the Community Impacts of Cruise Tourism Growth in Akaroa, New Zealand. Michael C. Shone, Jude Wilson, David G. Simmons and Emma J. Stewart
26 Cruise Tourism in a Remote Small Island – High Yield and Low Impact? Joseph M. Cheer
27 Cruise Tourists on the Mainland. Itineraries and Interactions. Gaetano Sabato
Part 5: Planning and Management for Sustainable Cruising
28 Environmental Reporting in the Cruise Industry. C. Michael Hall, Hannah Wood and Sandra Wilson
29 Improving Sustainable Management of Expedition Cruise
Destinations in Australia: Governance and Management
Lessons from the Great Barrier Reef, the Kimberley and Tasmania. Claire Ellis, Pascal Scherrer and Kaye Walker
30 Sailing in Icy Waters: Antarctic Cruise Tourism Development, Regulation and Management. Daniela Liggett and Emma J. Stewart
Part 6: Ports, Destinatio ns and Infrastructure Development
31 Development of Cruise Tourism in Saudi Arabia. Emad Monshi and Noel Scott
32 Cruise Itinerary Planning. Marianna Sigala
33 Is China a New Goldmine for Cruise Companies? Veronique Mondou and Benjamin Taunay
34 Cruising in Asia, with a Focus on China/ Ross Dowling and Iris Mao
Part 7: Conclusions and Future Directions
35 Conclusions and Future Directions/ Clare Weeden and Ross Dowling

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