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The Ocean.The Ultimate Handbook of Nautical Knowledge/Океан. Универсальное руководство по морскому делу

Артикул: 00-01038983
в желания В наличии
Автор: Dixon C., Spencer J.K.
Издательство: Chronicle Books (все книги издательства)
Место издания: San Francisco
ISBN: 9781452158662
Год: 2021
Переплет: Твердая обложка
Страниц: 360
Вес: 1051 г
3840 P

Книга на английском языке
The Ocean: A Handbook is a treasure trove of information and inspiration for anyone with an abiding love for the ocean.
This beautiful book features short-subject deep dives on topics like science, sailing, kayaking, surfing, diving, survival, and much more.
From experienced seafarers to ocean novices, for those about to ride their first wave, stand-up paddle on a dive, or identify a bird that landed on the bow, The Ocean is rich with how-to advice and instruction.
- Boating
Things a Coast Guard Rescue Swimmer
Has Always Wanted to Say As Told by Shannon Scaff
Mau Piailug: The Man Who Restored Wayfinding As Told by Bruce Blankenfeld
Start (and Stop) a Mutiny
Nautical Superstitions
«Wonderfully, Essentially Human» A Chat with Christian Beamish
Sailing 101
Take Care of Your Boat
Surviving at Sea: Safe Boating 101
Boater’s Toolbox, aka the «Learn from Our Mistakes» Checklist
Make a Float Plan
Batten Down the Hatches: When Caught in Bad Weather
Heave a Line and Tie Off to a Cleat
Driving the Saltwater Highway
Boating in Big Waves and Heavy Seas
How to Right a Small Sailboat
Be Shallow-Minded
A Jet Ski Is a Boat, Not a Toy
Top Ten Reasons Your Boat Won’t Start
Anchors Aweigh
So You Want to Buy a Boat
Whatever Floats Your Boat: Sea Kayaks
Ocean Kayaking: Tour Planning and Supplies
Paddling a Kayak: Going through the Motions
Internationally Recognized Hand Signals
Wakesurfing, Tubing, and «Towables»
Carbon Monoxide Kills
Four Great Uses for a Dry Bag
Booking a Charter Boat
Permission to Come Aboard: Loading, Boarding, and Seating
Operate a Boat in an Emergency
Trimming, Planing, and Steering: Essential Driving Skills
Going for a Swim: Voluntarily and Involuntarily
«Crew Overboard!»: A Rescue Primer
Essential Nautical Knots and Turns
Dogs on Boats
Where Am I?: Nautical Charts, Compasses, and Landmarks
To Become a Sailor, Go to the Sea As Told by Lin Pardey
The Beaufort Wind Scale
Drowning in Ink: Proper Nautical Tattoos
- Surfing
The Rise of Modern Surfing As Told by Steve Pezman
Do You Really Want to Start Surfing? A Chat with William Finnegan
The Way of the Warrior Surfer by Andrew Manzi Five Big Waves to See (and Maybe Surf) before You Die
The Essential Surf Film Festival
Wetsuit 101
«The Most Challenging Simple Thing»: Bodysurfing
Boogie, Man: Bodyboarding
Shorebreak, Rip Currents, and Rogue Waves
The Ultimate Surf Van
Auntie Rell, the Queen of Makaha As Told by Kathy Terada
On Your Feet, Ye Scurvy Dog: Learning to Surf
Surfing’s Twelve Commandments
Teach a Kid (or Friend) to Surf
Know Thy Surfboard
Don’t Surf Stormwater
Buying Your First Surfboard
Go Pound Sand: Driving on the Beach
What’s SUP?: Standup Paddleboards
Surfing Commandments, Part II: SUP Rules
Surf Wax
- Science
Why Ocean Exploration Matters As Told by Dr. Robert Ballard
Our Fossil Will Be Plastic As Told by Marcus Eriksen
A Dip of the Net: Plankton and Plastic
Know Your Sea Monsters: The Largest Creatures in the Sea
Tidepools 101 As Told by Dr. Stephen R. Palumbi
Portrait of a Wave
Oceans in Motion: The World’s Currents
Of Gods and Monsters: The Legacy of the Whaleship Essex
What Is Kelp and Why It Matters As Told by Dan Reed
Find Work aboard a Scientific Expedition As Told by Robert Hueter
Of a Feather: Meet the Seabirds
Why Sharks Matter As Told by David Shiffman
The Amazing Rays (and Skates) by Arnold Postell
Restoring a Reef and a Way of Life by Inilek Wilmot
How Does a Flying Fish Fly?
Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay, Watchin’ the Tide
Barrier Islands, Dunes, and Tidal Marshes As Told by Orrin Pilkey
Mangrove Forests: Essential and Endangered
Reading the Weather
Become an Ocean Warrior: A Chat with Samantha Siegel
Get Informed, Get Involved: Sea Saviors
Behold the Octopus
- Survival
Take Control when Panic Strikes As Told by Brian Keaulana
Beach Flag Warnings
Save a Drowning Soul: Drowning Rescue
Save Your Skin: Sunblock Savvy and Sunburn
Bad Seafood and Deadly Fish
Open Stuff without an Opener
The Sting: Jellyfish Dangers
Spinal Tap: Don’t Step on that Fish!
Deadly Strikes: Sea Snakes, Cone Snails, and Blue-Ringed Octopuses
Escape a Tsunami
Seasickness: The Seafarer’s Curse
The Bug-Out Bag, aka Life-Raft Supplies
Stranded: Island Survival
Message in a Bottle: A Brief History
Ultimate Maritime First-Aid Kit
The Deepest Cut: Treat a Laceration
Cold Shock and Hypothermia
Cold-Proof Yourself: Wim Hof’s Breath Technique
Too Hot: Hyperthermia and Heat Stroke
Unleash Your Inner Seal: Increase Your Lung Capacity
«Mayday! Mayday!» - Distress, Urgency, and Safety Calls
S.O.S.: Signal for Help
Abandoning Ship and Boarding a Life Raft
Survival Hydration
Life-Raft Cuisine
Seeing Stars by Greg Noll
Climb a Coconut Tree
Nautical Lore: The Pirate Code
Surviving Kidnapping and Dangerous Ports of Call: A Chat with Michael Scott Moore
Bad Water: Red Tides and Algae Blooms
- Scuba and Snorkeling
Getting Schooled As Told by Morgan Mochester
My Body Lies under the Sea
Snorkeling and Scuba Gear
Plan the Dive, Dive the Plan
Getting In, Out, and Around
Diving Hand Signals
Dive Dangers
Creatures and Coral: Leave Nothing but Bubbles
Swimming with Sharks
Spearfishing and Free Diving by Mark Healey
Rules for Found Objects
How to Become a National Geographic Photographer As Told by Brian Skerry
A Brief History of Time - Underwater
- Fishing
How Smart Is a Fish? by Culum Brown
Ten Essential Fishing Knots
Your Tackle Box: The «Must-Have» Gear List
Catch a Fish with a Handline
First-Time Anglers: The Rod, the Reel, the Cast
On and Off the Hook: Saltwater Fishing Hooks
DIY Angler: Make a Fish Hook
Saltwater Fly-Fishing: A Primer with Jimbo Meador
Seven Saltwater Flies
Types of Bait
The Strange Life of a Fish
What’s the Best Time to Fish?
How to Catch a Crab
How to Kill Fish and Crustaceans Humanely
Catch and Release and Controversy: Letting Them Get Away
Clean, Scale, and Fillet a Fish
Fishing from a Kayak or SUP
Pole a Boat and Gig a Flounder
Catch Shrimp Near Shore
How to Throw a Cast Net
Fishing Spots and Techniques
Eight Places to Fish Before You Die
Selected Experts and Sources
About the Artists
Our Contributors
Acknowledgments and About the Authors

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