Oil Pollution in the North Sea/Загрязнение нефтью Северного моря

  • Oil Pollution in the North Sea/Загрязнение нефтью Северного моря
Артикул: 00-01027124
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Автор: Angela Carpenter
Издательство: Springer (все книги издательства)
Серия: The Handbook of Environmental Chemistry (Все книги серии)
ISBN: 978-3-319-23900-2
Год: 2016
Переплет: Мягкая обложка
Страниц: 321
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This book presents a review of knowledge on oil pollution in the North Sea. Making use of a range of data from satellite imagery, remote-sensing, aerial surveillance, in situ monitoring, oil spill sampling and beached bird surveys, it presents a picture of trends in oil pollution in the region over many years. It examines national practices in a number of North Sea states, the impact the North Sea being given Special Status for oil under the MARPOL Convention and the activities of the Bonn Agreement, OSPAR Commission and EMSA CleanSeaNet in monitoring the region. It also examines the development of a common method for oil spill identification by the Bonn-Oil Spill Identification Network and the use of sensors to identify spills in the German North Sea. The use of beached bird surveys in North Sea and in Dutch waters also provides a tool for monitoring chronic oil pollution in coastal waters. The publication brings together the work of scientists, legal and policy experts, academic researchers and specialists in various fields relating to marine environmental protection, oil pollution and the North Sea.

Angela Carpenter
Bonn Agreement Actions to Eliminate Illegal and Accidental Oil Pollution from Ships in the North Sea
Ole Kristian Bjerkemo and Johannes Huisman
European Maritime Safety Agency CleanSeaNet Activities in the North Sea
Angela Carpenter
The Role of the International Maritime Organization in the Prevention of Illegal Oil Pollution from Ships: North Sea Special Status Area
Neil Bellefontaine and Tafsir Johansson
Oil Pollution in the Waters of the Danish Sector of the North Sea
Lars Christensen and Angela Carpenter
Oil Pollution In and Around the Waters of Belgium
Ronny Schallier and Ward Van Roy
Oil Pollution in the Dutch Sector of the North Sea
Kees Camphuysen and Ben Vollaard
Oil Pollution in the Waters of the United Kingdom North Sea
Patrick Donner and Tafsir Johansson
The German Operational Monitoring System in the North Sea: Sensors, Methods and Example Data
Bjorn Baschek, Martin Gade, Karl-Heinz van Bernem, and Fabian Schwichtenberg
xi Beached Bird Surveys in the North Sea as an Instrument to Measure Levels of Chronic Oil Pollution
Kees Camphuysen and Martin Heubeck
Monitoring Oil Pollution from Oil and Gas Installations in the North Sea
Angela Carpenter
Oil Spill Sampling and the Bonn-Oil Spill Identification Network: A Common Method for Oil Spill Identification
Gerhard Dahlmann and Paul Kienhuis
OSPAR Review of the State of the North Sea: Oil Inputs and Their Impact on the Marine Environment of the North Sea.
Angela Carpenter
Angela Carpenter

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