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Ship Stability for Masters and Mates (7th edition). Остойчивость судна для капитанов и помощников (7-ое издание)

  • Ship Stability for Masters and Mates (7th edition). Остойчивость судна для капитанов и помощников (7-ое издание)
Артикул: 00-01020871
в желания В наличии
Автор: Bryan Barrass and D.R. Derrett
Издательство: Elsevier Ltd (все книги издательства)
ISBN: 978-0-08-097093-6
Год: 2012
Формат: 190x240
Переплет: Мягкая обложка
Страниц: 535
1800 P
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Throughout this book, when dealing with transverse stability, BM, GM, and KM will be mentioned and used in calculations. When dealing with trim, i.e. longitudinal stability, then BML, GML, and KML will be used to denote the longitudinal considerations. Therefore, there will be no suffix "T" for transverse stability calculations but there will be a suffix "L" for the longitudinal stability text and diagrams. This book is written specifically to meet the needs of students studying for their Transport Certificates of Competency for Deck Officers and Engineering Officers and STCW equivalent International qualifications. It is primarily for Chief Mates and Officers on Watch (Officers in Charge) on board merchant ships. The book will also prove to be extremely useful to other maritime personnel shown listed in the Introduction.

1 Group Weights, Water Draft, Air Draft, and Density
2Transverse Statical Stability
3 Effect of Decreasing Free Surface on Stability
4 TPC and Displacement Curves
5 5 Form Coefficients
6 Discussion on LCB Position Relative to Amidships
8 Quadrature - Simpson's Rules for Moments of Inertia
9 Quadrature - Simpson's Rules for Centers of Pressure on Transverse Bulkheads
10 KB, BM, and KM Calculations and Graphics on Metacentric Diagrams
11 11 Final KG Plus 20 Reasons for Rise in KG
12 Angle of List Considerations - Text, Calculations, and Graphics
13 Angle of Heel - Effects of Suspended Weights
14 Angle of List Due to Bilging of Side Compartments
15 Heel Due to Turning
6 Angle of Loll
17 ments of Statical Stability
18 Aspects of Trim - The Main Factors Involved
19 Trim Calculations - Changing Conditions of Loading
20 Trim Calculations - Satisfying Prescribed Requirements for End Drafts
21 Large-Angle Stability Considerations - GZ and KN Cross Curves of Stability
22 Effects of Beam and Freeboard on Stability
23 Dynamical Stability Relating to Statical Stability Curves
24 Changes in Statical Stability Relating to Wave Profiles - Loss of Quasi-Static Stability
25 Hydrostatic Curves and Values for Vessels Initially on Even Keel
26 Hydrostatic Curves and Values for Vessels Initially Having Trim by the Bow or by the Stern
27 Increase in Draft Due to List
28 Combined List and Trim
29 Calculating Free-Surface Effects of Slack Tanks with Divisional Bulkheads
30 Bilging Effects of Stability - Permeability Effects
31 Effects of Side Winds on Ship Stability
32 Icing Allowances Plus Effects on Trim and Stability
33 The Sectional Area Curve
34 FL and PL Curves Plus Type A and Type В Vessels
35 Load Lines and Freeboard Marks
36 36 Timber Ship Freeboard Marks
37 IMO Grain Rules for Safe Carnage of Grain in Bulk
38 True Mean Draft
39 Inclining Experiment Stability Test Plus Fluctuations in a Ship's Lightweight
40 The Calibration Book Plus Soundings and Ullages
Drydocking and Stability - Procedures and Calculations
What Exactly is Ship Squat?
Recent Ship Groundings
What Are the Factors Governing Ship Squat?
Ship Squat for Ships with Static Trim
Fitting a Trench
Ship Squat in Wide and Narrow Rivers
43 Turning Circle Diameter TCD Values for Vessels in Shallow Waters
44 Interaction Effects, Including Two Case Studies
45 Rolling, Pitching, and Heaving Motions
46 Synchronous Rolling and Parametric Rolling of Ships
47 Effects of Change of Density on a Ship's Draft and Trim
48 The Deadweight Scale
49 The Trim and Stability Book
50 Simplified Stability Information
51 The Stability Pro-Forma
52 Looking Forward into the Next Decade
53 Draft Surveys
54 Quality Control - Plus the Work of Ship Surveyors
55 Extracts from the 1998 Merchant Shipping Load Line Regulations Number MSN 1752M
56 Keeping Up to Date
Ship Stability for Masters and Mates
II - SQA/MCA 2004 Syllabuses for Masters and Mates
III - Specimen Exam Questions with Marking Scheme
100 Revision One-Liners
IV - How to Pass Exams in Maritime Studies
VI - Ship Stability Data Sheets
VII Capsize of the Herald of Free Enterprise - A Journalistic Review
Exercise 1
Exercise 2
Exercise 3
Exercise 4
Exercise 5
Exercise 7
Exercise 8
Exercise 9
Exercise 10
Exercise 11
Exercise 12
Exercise 13
Exercise 14
Exercise 15
Exercise 16
Exercise 17
Exercise 18
Exercise 19
Exercise 20
Exercise 21
Exercise 22
Exercise 23
Exercise 24
Exercise 25
Exercise 26
Exercise 27
Exercise 28
Exercise 29
Exercise 30
Exercise 31
Exercise 32
Exercise 33
Exercise 34
Exercise 35
Exercise 36
Exercise 37
Exercise 38
Exercise 39
Exercise 40
Exercise 41
Exercise 42
Exercise 43
Exercise 44
Exercise 45
Exercise 46
Exercise 47
Exercise 48
Exercise 49
Exercise 50
Exercise 51
Exercise 52
Exercise 53
Exercise 54
Exercise 55
General Practiculars of Selected Merchant Ships, Delivered 2007-2011
Nomenclature of Ship Terms

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