Medical carriage requirements

  • Medical carriage requirements
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Издательство: Australian Maritime Safety Authority (все книги издательства)
Год: 2016
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Regulated Australian vessels must be equipped with a medicine chest that contains the medicines and medical equipment that would allow an appropriately trained person to treat injuries and illnesses on board the vessel until a patient can be transferred to the care of a medical practitioner. The information provided in this document is derived from international medical publications, in particular the International Medical Guide for Ships and its Quantification Addendum. Marine Order 11 requires that each regulated Australian vessel carries a copy of the most recent edition of the International Medical Guide for Ships to assist in the diagnosis and treatment of sick and injured seafarers.

1. Background and purpose
2. Application
3. Medical carriage requirements
3.1. Medicines
3.2. Medical equipment
3.3. Requesting a variation
4. Vessels carrying dangerous goods
5. Medical storage and administration
5.1. Packaging
5.2. Labelling and medicine information
5.3. Medicine chest design
5.4. Location of medicine chest
5.5. Lighting/ventilation
5.6. Controlled drug register
5.7. Inventory of medicines
5.8. Medical Report form (AMSA 278)
5.9. Medical Log
5.10. Electronic records
6. Medicine chest inspection and certification requirements
7. Foreign drug regulations
8. Administering medicines and TeleMedical Advice Services
9. Responsibilities and training
Annex A - List of medicines
Annex B - List of medical equipment

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