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INTERTANKO Guide to Safe Navigation (Including ECDIS)

  • INTERTANKO Guide to Safe Navigation (Including ECDIS)
Артикул: 00-01019755
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Автор: Intertanko
Издательство: Intertanko (все книги издательства)
Год: 2017
Формат: А4 (210x290 мм)
Переплет: Мягкая обложка
Страниц: 36
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During the INTERTANKO Safety and Technical Committee (ISTEC) meeting in London (9-10 March 2016) it was decided that the "Navigation, Safety, Ports and terminals working group" should become a Sub-Committee of ISTEC. Formal approval of this change was taken by the INTERTANKO Council in May 2016. One of the main issues for the NSC has been to create Guidelines for their Members when it comes to safe use of ECDIS during navigation,
such as this document. The only way to ECDIS performance excellence is through continuous training and establishment of an open forum where issues encountered with ECDIS operations are brought forward.

1. Introduction
2. Zone of Confidence (ZOC)
1) Definition
2) ZOC and Passage Planning
3. Under Keel Clearance (UKC)
4. Area Settings
5. Frequency of Position Fixing in Paper Charts and Frequency of Position Verification in ECDIS/Chartradars
6. Depth Contours In ENCs in Relation to Safety Contour and Safety Depth Function
1) Introduction
2) The Problem
3) Possible Workarounds for Scenario #2
i. Workaround #1
ii. Workaround #2
iii. Workaround #3
4) Conclusion
7. Temporary And Preliminary Notices
8. Air Draft
9. Use Of ECDIS On Ships Having Paper Charts As Primary Means Of Navigation
10. Annex I
Lists Showing the Status of T & P Production and Incorporation in ENCs for All the National Hydrographic Offices
11. Annex II
IHO S-52 ECDIS Presentation Library Edition 4.0 Main Changes

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