Anchoring System and Procedures

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Издательство: OCIMF (все книги издательства)
Место издания: London
Год: 2010
Формат: А4 (290х210 мм)
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This publication, which supersedes the 1 st edition of Anchorlng Systems and Procedures for Large Tankers; published in 1982, has bееn prep.ared bу OCIMF to provide recommendations and guidance with the aim ofpromoting the safe operation аnd satisfactory performance of anchoring systems.As background to the development of this revised. publication; concerns had been expressed, bу OCIMF member companies and others, about an increase ln the nun1 ber of incidents involving anchor losses,windlass motor failures аnd associated personnеl injuries.
А number of incidents involving personnel injury and exposure of personnel to hazards during anchoringoperations the loss of anchors and саbеs in relatively benign envlronn1ental conditions anchoring systems suffering significant damage ln harsh environmental conditions incidents involving anchors dragging, with an associated risk of damage to third parties and the involved vessel inability to recover аn аnchor using the ship's equipment reports of windlasses аnd drive motors bеing damaged due to excessive loads maintenance-related failures, i.e. failures caused. Ьу the lack of, or improper, maintenance. Common factors were identified that contributed to these operational incidents and equipment failures,which included the following: Poor seamanship and а general lack of а appreciation of the impact of deteriorating е environmental conditionson anchoring system loads while remaining anchored or attempting to recover anchors improper operational procedures leading to excessive loads being placed on windlasses while in gear failure of anchor and chain components including flukes, shanks, shackles, swivels and common links.As а result of the review, lt was agreed to revise and update the information contained in the original 1982 publication to assist in promulgating the lessons learnt fron1 incidents, to provide improved information onanchoring practices and to recognize advances made ln anchor system s 1 n the intervening years. ln раrticualr,this puЬlication highlights the design capaЫlities and limitations of anchoring systen1s and equlpn1ent withthe аim of enhancing the safety of operations.The scope of this publication addresses anchoring systems and procedures that are applicable to all vesseltypes, irrespective of their size.

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