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Бумажная модель маяков "Old Point Loma" и "Rock Harbor"

Артикул: 00-01012282
в желания В наличии
Место изготовления: Херсон
660 P
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The original Point Loma Lighthouse is a historic lighthouse located on the Point Loma peninsula at the mouth of San Diego Bay in San Diego, California. It is situated in the Cabrillo National Monument. It is no longer in operation as a lighthouse but is open to the public as a museum. It is sometimes erroneously called the "Old Spanish Lighthouse",but in fact it was not built during San Diego's Spanish or Mexican eras; it was built in 1855 by the United States government after California's admission as a state.

The Rock Harbor Lighthouse is a 50-foot-tall (15 m) cylindrical tower with a 16-foot-diameter (4.9 m) base, constructed of randomly placed stone and brick, capped with an octagonal beacon with a copper roof. A one-and-a-half-story keeper's house with gabled roof is connected to the tower on one end.

Тип: маяк
Серия: архитектура
Страна: США, 1855 г., 1856 г.
Масштаб: 1:150
Уровень сложности: 2 (3)
Объём: 12 х А4

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