Boat Paint Guide & Colour Card

Артикул: 00-01008374
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Автор: International Paint
Год: 2011
Формат: А5
Переплет: Мягкая обложка
Страниц: 78
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The book includes following info and aspects, usefull for maintenance of pinted surfaces, which were developed by International Paint experts:
- Quick Reference Guide;
- Before You Start;
- Step-by-step Project Guides;
- Complete Antifouling Guide;
- Complete Topsides Guide;
- Blister Repair & Prevention;
- Trubleshooting Guide;
- Colour Card

Quick Reference Guide
Why do I need a Thinner?
Working with Fillers
Primers and Undercoats
Before You Start
Health & Safety
Equipment guidelines
‘Step-by-Step’ Project Guides
Getting to know your substrates
Painting your bilge
Always check the weather!
Preparing a non-slip deck
Making small repairs to GRP
Applying varnishes
Removing aged finishes or varnishes
Applying antifouling
Removing antifouling
Painting outdrives, stern gear, propellers and keels
Applying finishes
The Complete Antifouling Guide
What is antifouling?
How much antifouling paint do I need?
Antifouling types
Below water systems
Is my new antifouling compatible?
Propellers, outdrives and sterngear
The Complete Topsides Guide
Working with finishes
One-part conventional paint systems
Testing for compatibility
Application techniques
Varnish systems
Two-part premium paint systems
Complete boatcare
Blister Repair and Prevention
What is osmosis?
How to protect against osmosis
How to recognise osmosis
Osmosis protection schemes
How to treat osmosis
Troubleshooting Guide
Common problems and how to avoid them
Painting and project diary
Colour Card
Topside Finishes
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