Admiralty The mariner's handbook. NP 100. 10th edition. 2016

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Издательство: United Kingdom Hydrografic Office (все книги издательства)
Место издания: London
ISBN: 978-0-70-774-1802
Год: 2016
Переплет: Твердый переплет
Страниц: 410
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The Tenth Edition of The Mariner’s Handbook has been compiled by Paul Hamblin. The United Kingdom Hydrographic
Office has used all reasonable endeavours to ensure that this publication contains all the information obtained by and assessed by it at the date shown below. Information received or assessed after that date will be included in ADMIRALTY Notices to Mariners where appropriate.
This edition supersedes the Ninth Edition (2009), which is cancelled.
Information on climate and currents has been based on data provided by the Met Office, Exeter.
Copyright for some of the material in this publication is owned by the authority named under the item and permission for its reproduction must be obtained from the owner.
The following sources of information, other than UKHO Publications and Ministry of Defence papers, have been consulted:
Ice Navigation in Canadian Waters, Canadian Coast Guard (1999)
Special thanks to Andrew McNeill of the Marine Institute of Memorial University, Newfoundland, for his consultation for the ice chapter.
Ice Seamanship, Captain G Q Parnell (Nautical Institute) (1986)
Svensk Lots del A, Swedish Hydrographic Office (1992)
Views of cloud formations and aural forms reprinted courtesy of the Met Office, Exeter.
Views of sea states reprinted courtesy of the Met Office, Exeter and Environment Canada.
Views of ice formations reprinted courtesy of British Antarctic Survey.

Directions for updating
Record of updates
Reporting new dangers to navigation
UKHO contact details
How to obtain Admiralty Charts and Publications
Related Admiralty Publications and their contents
Certificate of Authenticity
The United Kingdom Hydrographic Office, Surveying and the Theory of Charting
The UKHO (1.1)
Survey and Sounding Methods {1,3)
Soundings and Wrecks(1.7)
The Seabed (1.9)
Chart Compilation (1.11)
The Accuracy and Reliability of Charting (1.14)
Depths and Heights used in Charting (1.16)
Charting the Ocean (1.20)
Naming Conventions Used in Charting (1.21)
Paper and Digital Charts
Data Quality (2.1)
Use of the Most Appropriate Scale Chart or ENC (2.3)
Paper Charts and Diagrams (2.4)
Charts for Specific Purposes (2.7)
Supply and Distribution of Paper Charts (2.12)
Digital Navigation (2.13)
ADMIRALTY Vector Chart Service (AVCS) (2.14)
ADMIRALTY Raster Chart Service (ARCS) (2.17)
Admiralty Publications
e-Nautical Publications (3.1)
ADMIRALTY Digital Publications (3.3)
ADMIRALTY Sailing Directions (3.5)
ADMIRALTY List of Lights and Fog Signals (3.7)
Publications Supporting Navigation Planning (3.8)
ADMIRALTY List of Radio Signals (3.10)
ADMIRALTY Tide Tables (3.11)
Publications Supporting Celestial Navigation (3.16)
Information Flow Between the UKHO and Mariners
Assessing Data Submitted to the UKHO(4.1)
World Wide Navigation Warning Service (WWNWS) (4.4)
Weather Information (4.14)
Admiralty Notices to Mariners (4.22)
Reporting of Information (4.38)
Views (4.68)
Submission to the UKHO (H- Note forms) (4.78)
Pressure and Wind (5.1)
General Climate (5.6)
Cloud Formations(5.14)
Depressions (Lows) (5.15)
Fronts (5.16)
Tropical Storms (5.18)
Anticyclones (Highs) (5.28)
Weather Near the Coast (5.29)
Fog (5.32)
Storm Warning Signals (5.38)
Weather Routeing of Ships (5.39)
Weather Related Phenomena (5.40)
The Sea
Ocean currents (6.1)
Tidal streams (6.12)
Tides (6.14)
Non-tidal changes in Sea Level (6.15)
Waves (6.21)
Characteristics of the Sea (6.30)
The seabed (6.35)
Sea Ice (7.1)
Ice of Land Origin (7.12)
Icebergs (7.13)
Navigation in Ice (7.23)
Material Preparations for Operations in Ice (7.36)
Operations in Ice (7.56)
Effects on the Body of Exposure to Cold (7.80)
Ice Glossary
International Organisations
International Maritime Organisation (IMO) (8.1)
International Hydrographic Organisation (IHO) (8.4)
International Association of Marine Aids to Navigation and Lighthouse Authorities (IALA) (8.11)
United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) (8.17)
Constraints on navigation
Ship’s routeing (9.1)
Minefields (9.16)
Offshore Renewable Energy Installations (OREI) (9.18)
Submarine Pipelines and Cables (9.41)
Bridges and Overhead Power Cables (9.47)
Maritime pollution and conservation (MARPOL)
MARPOL Regulations (10.1)
Pollution of the Sea (10.16)
Conservation (10.21)
Navigation and Aids to Navigation
Fixing the Position (11.1)
Satellite Navigation Systems (11.22)
Automatic Identification System (AIS) (11.48)
Lights (11.64)
Fog Signals (11.68)
Buoyage (11.70)
Echo Soundings (11.78)
Hydrodynamics (Interaction) (11.83)
Under Keel Clearance (11.93)
Military Operations
Warship Navigation Lights (12.1)
Firing and Exercise Areas (12.2)
Submarines (12.6)
Mine Countermeasures (12.21)
Other Military Activity at Sea (12.23)
Commercial Operations
Security (13.1)
Piracy (13.2)
Safety (13.59)
Distress and Rescue (13.65)
Fishing (13.73)
Conventional and Chemical Munitions Encountered or Picked Up at Sea (13.75)
Aquaculture and Fish Havens (13.83)
Offshore Oil and Gas Operations (13.85)
Vessels requiring special consideration (13.101)
Helicopter operations (13.110)
Anchoring (13.117)
Annex A Requirements for the Carriage of Charts and Publications
Annex В The International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea (1972)
Annex С IALA Maritime Buoyage System
Annex D Flags and Ensigns of Maritime Nations
Glossary Terms Used on Admiralty Charts and in Associated Publications
Supplementary tables

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