Admiralty Tide Tables. NP205. Volume 5. 2019. South China Sea and Indonesia (Including Tidal Stream Tables)

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Издательство: United Kingdom Hydrografic Office (все книги издательства)
Место издания: London
ISBN: 978-0-70-772-1903
Год: 2019
Формат: А4
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Страниц: 352
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Vol. 5: General arrangement
Part I of these tables gives daily predictions of the times and heights of high and low waters at a selected number of Standard Ports. The list of Standard Ports is given at the front of the book.
Part Ia of these tables gives daily predictions of tidal streams at a limited number of places.
Part II gives data for prediction at a large number of Secondary Ports; this is in the form of time and height differences, referred to one of the Standard Ports in Part I.
Part III lists the harmonic constants which can be used for prediction by the Simplified Harmonic Method of Tidal Prediction,
Part Ilia lists harmonic constants of the tidal streams which can be used for prediction by the Simplified Harmonic Method of Tidal Prediction
This volume also contains an introduction dealing with, in particular, the effect of meteorological conditions on tidal heights; there are also a number of special tables and other information for use with the tide tables.


Index to Standard Ports in Part I
Related ADMIRALTY Publications
ADMIRALTY Digital Publications (ADP) - ADMIRALTY TotalTide
Diagram showing limits of ADMIRALTY Tide Tables
Methods of Prediction: Tidal Levels: Meteorological Effects on Tides: Negative Surges: Datums of Tidal Predictions: Shallow Water Corrections: Seasonal Changes in Mean Level: Seasonal Variations in Harmonic Constants: Zone Time and Time Differences: Height Differences: Tidal Levels at Standard Ports: Criteria for Diurnal and Semi-Diurnal Tables: Seismic Sea Waves: Tidal Streams and Currents: Supplementary Tables
Instructions for the use of Tables
Table I: Conversion Table - metres to feet
Table II: Multiplication table
Table III: is given only in ATT Volumes 1A and IB
Table IV: is given only in ATT Volumes 1A, IB and 2
Table V:
Part 1 Tidal levels at Standard Ports, Authorities, methods of prediction, etc. (with notes)
Part 2 Highest Astronomical Tide Levels (HAT) at Secondary Ports
Table VI: Fortnightly Shallow Water Corrections
Table VII: Tidal Angles and Factors
Table VIII: Orbital Elements
Predictions of high and low water for Standard Ports
Contents of Tidal Stream Tables
Explanation of Tidal Stream Tables
Tidal Stream Tables
Non-harmonic data
Notes on Part II
Harmonic Constants
Harmonic Constants for Tidal Streams
Geographical Index
List of tidal publications
Certificate of Authenticity

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