Guidelines for the Management of Helideck Operations. Issue 5. February 2005

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Год: 2005
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These guidelines have been produced by the UK Offshore Operators Association, in conjunction with its key stakeholders, to assist all those with responsibilities in offshore helicopter operations to reduce the risks involved in such operations to as low as reasonably practicable.
The guidelines bring together four previous UKOOA publications related to offshore helicopter operations. These are:
• Management of Offshore Helideck Operations
• Helicopter Operations to Normally Unattended Installations (NUIs)
• Offshore Radio Operators’ Procedures Helicopter Operations
• Security Controls at Helicopter Terminals
In July 2004, Offshore Helideck Design Guidelines [Ref: 38] were published by the Health and Safety Executive. The helideck design guidelines are complementary to these helideck management guidelines and should therefore be regarded as a companion document.
This edition supersedes Issue 4 February 2003 and incorporates recommendations arising from recent AAIB reports into two helicopter accidents. The first was the Super Puma accident on the West Navion drilling ship in November 2001. The report highlighted the need to communicate significant changes in environmental conditions, to the pilot of a helicopter sitting on the helideck with rotors running (Section 7 Paragraph 9.4. and Section 8 Paragraph 3 (3)). The report also identified the need to ensure that investigations into any Installation accidents consider the safety implications for helicopter operations on helidecks (Section 3 Paragraph 1.3). The second accident was the S-76 crash off the Norfolk coast in July 2002 with the loss of eleven lives. Although not a contributory factor to the accident, the report highlighted the need, in the case of flights between manned Installations, for the radio operator to establish positive contact with the receiving Installation immediately after the departure of the flight and convey the relevant flight details (Addendum 13 Paragraph 1(2)).
Other revisions to the guidelines include; blocked helideck procedure (Section 7), reference to research into operations to moving helidecks (Section 8) and reference to competency standards for helideck crew (Section 13).

Preface Disclaimer Acknowledgements List of Abbreviations List of Contributors
Section 1 Introduction
Section 2 The Offshore Helicopter Operating Environment
Section 3 Responsibilities and United Kingdom Legislation
Section 4 Management System Template for Offshore Helicopter Operations
Section 5 Security
Section 6 Aeronautical Radio Communications
Section 7 Helicopter and Helideck Operations
Section 8 Operations to Moving Helidecks
Section 9 Combined Helideck Operations
Section 10 Normally Unattended Installations
Section 11 Offshore-based Rescue and Recovery Helicopter Operations
Section 12 Offshore Helideck Maintenance
Section 13 Competence and Training

Contents (cont’d)
Addendum 1 References
Addendum 2 Pilot Information
Addendum 3 Approach, Landing and Take-off Manoeuvres
Addendum 4 Helideck Responsibilities
Addendum 5 Standard Hand Signals
Addendum 6 List of Prohibited Items for Carriage in Passengers’ Baggage or on their Person During Flights within the UKCS
Addendum 7 Trainee Helideck Assistant Achievement Record
Addendum 8 Survival Suit (Hood Up, Zip Up) Guidelines
Addendum 9 Offshore Helideck Inspection Report Form
Addendum 10 Sample British Helicopter Advisory Board Offshore Helideck Certificate
Addendum 11 Topic List for Management System Auditing
Addendum 12 Helideck and System Inspection Checklist
Addendum 13 Radio Operations Procedures
Addendum 14 Standard Weather etc Message Lists
Addendum 15 Operating Information

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