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The history of the british 'U' class submarine

Артикул: 00-00005580
в желания В наличии
Автор: Derek Walters
Издательство: Pen & Sword (все книги издательства)
Место издания: England
ISBN: 978-1-84415-131-
Год: 2004
Переплет: Суперобложка
Страниц: 264
Вес: 437 г
1000 P
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Seeing a submarine for the first time was a depressing experience. The submarine designer must have been a genius. In such a small amount of space he had found room for torpedoes, ammunition and food stores, hundreds of pipes, boilers, valves, engines and batteries. Only one small detail had escaped his attention - room for thirty crew who were to live, breathe and maybe die there.

I The Small and Simple Submarine
II British Submarines in Home Waters
III The Mediterranean: Pre Operation Torch
IV The Mediterranean: Operation Torch to the Italian Armistice
V The Mediterranean and Beyond
VI The Allied Navies' Contribution
VII Special Operations
VIII Accidental Losses of Submarines and Lives
IX In Conclusion
Appendix I Gallantry Medals awarded to officers and men serving in British 'U' class submarines
Appendix II Gallantry Medals awarded to officers and men of the Allied Navies serving in 'U' class submarines
Appendix III Submarine pennant numbers

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