Q ships, commerse raiders and convoys

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Автор: Patrick Stearns
Издательство: SPELLMOUNT (все книги издательства)
Место издания: Great Britain
ISBN: 1-873376-84-7
Год: 2004
Переплет: Суперобложка
Страниц: 276
Вес: 627 г
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The receipt of supplies by sea has always been crucial for Britain in times of war. The Spaniards, the Dutch and the French all in their time attacked our shipping lanes, challenging our wealth and even national survival. Philip II, Louis XIV and Napoleon, the Kaiser and Hitler have gone further and even dreamed of invasion.
The most serious threat to our shipping lanes during the twentieth century was posed by the U-boats. In 1917, and again in 1943, Britain stared defeat in the face owing to the huge losses to our shipping caused by the unscrupulous deployment against us of U-boats alongside, in the earlier years of the Second World War, powerful German battleships and pocket-battleships.
These World War I and World War II threats were met by the Royal Navy's Q ships in the First War and by the Convoy system in both struggles. Almost invariably, the enemy had the initiative, yet in both conflicts advances in technology and organisation eventually turned the hunters into the hunted.
This is a fascinating story that Commander Stearns has to relate. Anybody interested in British Naval history since 1914 should certainly read this book, and I am delighted to have provided this short Foreword.

List of Maps and Diagrams
Foreword by Dr David G Chandler
I Decoy/Q Ships: Masters of Deception
II The Manning of Q Ships: Discipline and other Considerations
III World War IIQ Ships
IV Adventures of World War IIQ Ships
PART TWO Commerce Raiders
V Commerce Raiders: Threats of Attack
VI The Gentle Guile of German Sea-raiding in World War I
VII Early First World War German Raiders
VIII Minelaying by Surface Raider
IX Commerce Raiding by Surface Warships in World War I
X The Adventures of Emden and Compatri
XI The Exploits of Wolf
XII German Surface Raiding in World War II
XIII Protectors of Trade: Reminiscences of Convoys
XIV Second World War Convoys
XV Mediterranean Convoys in World War II
XVI The Far East
Appendix I The Glorious First of June, 1794
Appendix II The Battle of the Nile, 1798
Appendix III The Thoughts of an American Admiral
Appendix IV The Advantages of the Convoy System
Appendix V Monthly Losses from Enemy Action, February 1917-October 1918
Appendix VI Tonnage Constructed by Allied and Neutral Nations since August 1914
Appendix VII The Clyde Escort Force and Clyde Area
Appendix VIII The Russian Convoys

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