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Effective Mooring

Артикул: 00817659
в желания В наличии
ISBN: 948691 88 3
Год: 1989
Переплет: Мягкий переплет
Страниц: 50
Вес: 60 г
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Издание на английском языке.
This booklet is derived from one entitled "Effective Mooring" which was originally published by Shell International Marine in 1976. The aim of the Shell booklet was to complement technical publications and rules and regulations with a publication that was deliberately written in such a style as to communicate effectively with seafarers at all levels. Experience over the past ten years has shown that "Effective Mooring" was successful in putting across its message and therefore the same general format is retained in this version of the booklet.
The emphasis in this booklet is on SAFETY. Its intention is that shipboard staff be made more aware of the hazards associated with mooring equipment and mooring operations by having a better understanding of the subject. A summary of the personal safety items mentioned in the text is given in Chapter 7.
This booklet is designed to be self-contained; however, readers who are interested in obtaining more detailed technical information should refer to other OCIMF documents dealing with mooring.
Although this booklet has been written primarily with oil and gas tankers in mind, most of its contents apply equally to other types of vessel.

Chapter 1 Effective Mooring
What Does a Mooring System Do?
How Big Are These Forces?
Mooring Layout
Wires or Synthetic Fibre Ropes
First Line Ashore
Vertical Angle (Dip)
Mixed Mooring
Nylon Tails
Chapter 2 Mooring Winches
Render and Heave
Winch Brakes
Correct Layering
Non Split Drum Winches
Split Drum Winches
Correct Reeling
Brake Condition
Testing Brakes
Application of Brake
Incorrect Use of Brake
Brake Holding Capacity
Exceptional Circumstances
Winch In Gear
Freezing Weather
Joining a New Ship
Safety Reminders
Chapter 3 Steel Wire Ropes
Construction of Wire Ropes Maintenance of Steel Wire Moorings
Selection of Anchor Point for 1st Layer of Wire on a Drum
Stoppers for use with Steel Wires
Care of Wire Splicing Wire Safety Reminders
Chapter 4 Synthetic Fibre Ropes
Use of Synthetic Fibre Ropes
Types of Materials Used
Rope Care
Rope Stoppers
Safety Reminders
Chapter 5 Mooring at Buoys
Conventional or Multibuoy Moorings (CBM or MBM) Single Buoy Moorings (SBM)
Chapter 6 Windlasses and Anchoring
Cable Stoppers
Anchor Cables
Maintenance of Windlass Brakes
Prolonged Periods of Non-Use
Safety Reminders
Chapter 7 Personal Safety
Handling of Moorings
Safe Handling of Tug Lines
Safety Reminders

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