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The complete book of yacht care. Third edition

Артикул: 00816738
в желания Нет в наличии
Автор: Michael Verney
Издательство: Sheridan house (все книги издательства)
Место издания: Great Britain
ISBN: 1-57409-041-0
Год: 1997
Формат: 190x240
Переплет: Твердый переплет
Страниц: 266
Вес: 940 г
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This book contains everything the owner of a new or traditional yacht needs to know to maintain her in a safe and seaworthy condition at a minimum cost. The book includes coverage of: high tech rope and rigs; lightning protection; pumps, marine toilets and seacocks; laying a mooring; plumbing and gas work.


1 Practical Ownership

The right cruiser
What materials?
Boat care economy
Smartness What will it cost?
2 Tools and Materials

Time out
Basic tools
Bosun's store In the workshop Reminders
Care of tools
Home-made tools
Power tools
3 Stripping, Priming and Caulking

Prime it quick
Why strip?
Stripping methods
Working in comfort
Marking the waterline
Making good
Fine sanding
Sanding wet
Interior work
Caulking and paying

4 Painting and Varnishing
Seasonal damage
Paint formulations
Choosing enamels
Comparative costs
Brushing technique
Brightwork problems
Rollers and pads
Deck painting
Name boards
Down below
Drop keel case

5 Deckwork and Sheathing
Types of decking
Renewing canvas
Vinyl coverings
Deck leaks
Wood sheathing
Polyester/glass sheathing
Epoxy/glass sheathing
Other sheathing systems
Anti-slip panels
Ventilation Deck fittings

6 Spars, Rigging and Anchors
Costly equipment
Mast stepping
Deck wedges
Spar check
Solid spar defects
Metal fittings
Standing rigging
Running gear
Ground tackle

7 All about Ropes
Dirty ropes
Knot practice
Cordage cost
Choosing cordage
Synthetic range
Old range
Rope ends
Serving Seizings
Splicing cordage
Splicing wire rope
Making strops
Tail splice
Quick terminals
Choosing wire rope

8 Sails and Canvaswork
Types of canvas
Bending sails
Setting sails
Mainsail reefing
Examining and cleaning
Sewing canvas
Repairing canvas
Canvas sundries
Cringles Sail care

9 Engines and Such
Propulsion units
Outboard motors
Valved engines
Top overhaul
Major overhaul
Fuel system
Cooling Exhaust
Starting gear

10 General Mechanics
What to expect
Toilet treatment
Skin fittings
Plumbing repairs
Gas work
Heating and cooking
Water tanks

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